Constitution determines course of development of New Kazakhstan

The amendments will help to quickly embark on a new path of development
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The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, like the Constitution of any state, is the main Law of the country. All other laws are formed from the Constitution. Therefore, it is the guarantor of the successful development of the state, Banu Nurgazieva, president of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan said. A member of the National Council of Public Trust under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan spoke about the importance of the amendments and the main norms of the Constitution for every citizen of our country.

- Banu Ganiyevna, what is the reason for the need to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan?

- In the first article of the Constitution, Kazakhstan asserts itself as a democratic, secular, legal, social state, the highest values of which is a person, his life, rights and freedoms.

This gives us a vision for the development of our society. I consider Constitution Day one of the most important holidays in Kazakhstan, as all our rights and freedoms begin from this.

At one time, at the dawn of Independence, the Constitution was adopted in January 1993. But on April 30, 1995, it acquired the form in which it exists to this day. Why was it changed in just two years?

The fact is that it was at that time that much changed for our state, it was extremely important for the people to realize that great reforms had taken place in the country and a new countdown in its history had begun.

First of all, it should be noted that the constitution of 1995 was adopted by popular referendum. This is very important. Then almost the whole country voted. And I even remember that then more than 90% of the population of Kazakhstan came to the polling stations to cast their votes. And about 90% voted for the adoption of the new law.

Over the next 27 years, no popular referendum was held again. The constitution has been amended over the years. The Head of State can propose amendments at a meeting of the Parliament and, after discussion, they are usually adopted. All this happens without the participation of ordinary citizens. This has been the case in Kazakhstan in recent years.

And only this year the amendments to the Constitution were submitted to a nationwide referendum. I think this was an indicator that significant changes have taken place in our country. The Events of January also left their mark. They showed that not everything is good for us. Therefore, new reforms were needed. However, these reforms can be successful only with the support of the whole people.

- Don't you think that everything happened quickly?

- Nope. I think it's justified. The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the basis of legislation, it is the most important document that gives the people a special right, this is our most important right. In this regard, it was necessary to make changes to it as soon as possible so that as soon as possible our state embarked on a new path of development.

All these amendments were reviewed by specialists, analyzed, studied, where exactly it was necessary to make adjustments. We were heading for a bright future, but where there was the super-presidential power. Therefore, the Main Code of Laws had to be brought into line with the requirements of the present time. Therefore, exactly the amendments that we wanted to see in the main law of our country were made.

As a member of the National Council of Public Trust, as the president of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan, I personally passed all these amendments through myself. And when I realized that they would allow our country to develop more effectively, to strive to create a just state, I did a lot of work, first of all with representatives of the alliance from the regions, invited all the leaders to understand the essence of each amendment together with them, and they, in turn, explained to other people. . . And I saw understanding and faith in the eyes of representatives of almost all public organizations.

- And what will these amendments give to our country and its citizens?

- All the amendments are aimed primarily at strengthening the rights of citizens. And this is very important, because without it it is impossible to build a successful civilized state. Now large-scale work is already beginning. Literally on September 1, our Majilismen will come out and work will begin on amending the laws.

For example, the law on the Commissioner for Human Rights. There has always been a human rights ombudsman, but his role has always been so downplayed. And in fact, it is very significant for society. He is independent, unaccountable to state bodies, he is practically the second person after the President who defends our rights and freedoms. It should have the appropriate status. There should be a representative of the Ombudsman in each region.

- What do you think about the abolition of the death penalty?

- This issue has finally come to an end. If earlier there was a moratorium on the death penalty, now it has been canceled. I believe that being condemned to life imprisonment alone is a harsher punishment than a quick death.

- How to understand that the land and its subsoil belong to the people?

- It seems that only one phrase has changed, but the meaning has changed radically. It was written that the land is in state ownership. Now the land belongs to the people, and the state manages it, but at the same time taking into account the interests of the people. There's a huge subtext to that. It's definitely for the best. All laws will follow from this norm, taking into account the interests of citizens.

We have an open portal where every citizen can open and write if he disagrees with something in the bill. Within 15 days, this bill is on the portal.

It is very important that every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the text of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan on his desk or in his phone. Because any law, any rule follows from this document. It clearly states that every citizen has the right to health care, education and so on. Other norms follow from this. If you see some injustice, open the Constitution and you will find in it the answers to your questions. Each norm in it is set out clearly and understandably. There is a Constitutional Court to which you can appeal, there is a human rights ombudsman. And no one has the right to infringe on your constitutional right.

- Thanks for the conversation!

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