Another 199 Kazakhstanis receive international scholarship "Bolashak"

60% of scholarships were allocated for engineering and technical specialties
Фото: Akorda 13.07.2022 237

Yerlan Karin held a meeting of the Republican Commission for Training Personnel Abroad, reports with reference to Akorda.

By the decision of the Commission, the international scholarship "Bolashak" was awarded to 199 Kazakhstanis who will be studied in master's and doctoral studies.

In accordance with the instruction of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to reorient the Bolashak program, the ratio was changed towards engineering and technical specialties. 36% of scholarships were allocated for engineering and technical specialties last year, this year already 60%.

In order to ensure accessibility and increase the interest of applicants for academic medical programs, the Republican Commission decided to allocate a separate category for the academic training of medical workers.

In general, this year 385 scholarships have been allocated for master's and residency studies, and 60 scholarships for doctoral programs.

By the end of 2022, two more meetings of the Republican Commission will be held.

Acceptance of documents for participation in the competition for the award of the international scholarship "Bolashak" is held from May 30 to October 14 of the current year. Acceptance of documents for the internship will begin on September 5 and will last until October 14, 2022.