About 80 universities in Kazakhstan carry out training of IT personnel

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In which universities they teach the field of IT and what educational programs there are for training in Kazakhstan, El.kz reports with reference to MIA "Kazinform".

"To date, 76 universities are training IT personnel. Within the framework of academic and managerial freedom, universities independently develop educational programs in accordance with state compulsory standards of education. A register of educational programs is being formed.

It includes 537 programs on information and communication technologies, including 33 innovative and 172 new ones: "Software Engineering", "Computer Engineering", "IT in Healthcare", "Applied Informatics in Design", "Business Analytics and IT Project Management", "Administration of Systems and Networks", "Cybersecurity", "Information systems in the oil and gas industry", "Computer control systems and robotics", "Information security", "Infocommunication systems and networks", "Automation and production control", "Mathematical and computer modeling", "Artificial intelligence technology", - the press service of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan replied.

The Atlas of New Occupations identifies six transformative and 40 new professions in information and communication technologies.

Training is carried out with the involvement of practitioners in lecturing, conducting practical and laboratory classes, supervising diploma papers (projects). For example, universities have attracted more than two thousand IT specialists since the beginning of the academic year.

Students undergo practical training on the basis of IT companies and enterprises. Therefore, all conditions have been created to ensure practice-oriented training. To teach this profession, applicants need to enter universities that have licenses in IT areas.

In 2021, 15,177 people enrolled in IT training. Of these, the admission under the state educational order amounted to 8,498 applicants. Last year, the output in IT areas amounted to 9147 people

"According to the Atlas, the following new professions appear in the IT industry: an architect of edge computing, an IT ethics consultant, a cyber investigator, a designer of artificial neural networks, a cyborgization instructor, a quantum cryptologist, a digital development tutor (Talent manager), a cyber protector, a cyber-skiller - a digital skills designer," the Ministry explained.

On the basis of the Atlas of New Professions and Professional Standards, universities have developed new educational programs in the field of ICT. For example, software engineering, computer science, cyber-physical systems, "Big Data Analytics", data science, robotic unmanned vehicles, IT management, IT entrepreneurship and digital economy, high-load information systems with artificial intelligence.