120 universities work in Kazakhstan

Almost 624,000 people study there.
Фото: Depositphotos.com/tomwang 09.08.2022 285

Kazakh Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek at a government meeting reported on the implementation of the National Project in the field of higher education, El.kz reports.

"The total number of contingent for the 2021-2022 academic year was 623,839 people. There are 120 universities in total. The employment of graduates for 2021 is 68.9%. The number of grants has been increased from 65 thousand in 2020 to 88 thousand in 2022.

The key indicator in the direction of "Higher and postgraduate education" is the entry into the TOP -200 of the international QS ranking of two domestic universities," Nurbek said.


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