Kazakh Ministry of Ecology calls possible causes of seals` death in Caspian Sea

Фото: kazinform.kz 29.06.2022 174

Representatives of a number of scientific institutes, central and local executive bodies prepared a conclusion on the death of seals in the Caspian Sea, El.kz reports with reference to the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the document, the exact causes of death could not be determined due to the strong decomposition of the detected carcasses. Among the possible causes are called: exhaustion of newborn pups due to their removal on the ice in the open sea; freezing due to the getting of seals into water; by-catch of adult species in fishing nets; as well as falling of seals under the propellers of cruising ships.

Representatives of scientific organizations and interested state bodies also came to a consensus that the dredging work carried out in the Caspian Sea does not have a direct impact on the death of the detected seals and cannot be considered as a possible cause of their death.

"We would like to remind you that the Head of State has taken the solution of the problem of reducing the population of the Caspian seal under personal control and today the Ministry is working on the issue of creating a specially protected natural area to preserve the habitats and reproduction of the Caspian seal. Today, an appropriate natural science justification is being developed," the Ministry of Ecology noted.