Kazakh Minister of Labor speaks about increase in certain types of pensions

Фото: Kapital.kz 30.06.2022 171

Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Tamara Duissenova on the sidelines after a joint meeting of the Houses of Parliament spoke about the changes in the size and parameters of the pension system, reports El.kz.

"The size of the total pension that we are now assigning is becoming less than in previous years, because the work experience is small. In this regard, we have made a proposal with our calculations to change the parameters of the basic pension so that it can be increased. The second is to change the parameters of the solidarity pension so that it is also possible to be increased," the minister said.

According to her, within the framework of the current legislation, there is a possibility of early retirement. Now the issues of pension annuity are being considered, taking into account the exemption.

"We have a program "Silver Age", according to which we are considering. We have passed the first stage on all these issues, now we will go to the second stage - this is the level of ministers," the Head of the Ministry of Labor added.