25 world leading universities invite Almaty graduate to study

Фото: image from the report of the TV channel "Astana" 28.06.2022 191

Almaty graduate Arai Beisenbayeva was invited to study at once 25 leading universities of the world, El.kz reports with reference to the TV channel "Astana".

Arai Beisenbayeva is a graduate of Kazakhstan International School of Almaty. The girl believes that strong teachers of the school, who works under the International Bachelor`s degree program, helped to achieve such results and get an international education.

Since childhood she dreamed of entering the top university of the world. From an early age, she studied English intensively. 

In high school, she decided: it's time to get an international education. The choice fell on the Kazakhstan International School, where the schoolgirl studied for the last two years according to the diploma program.

"It's actually hard, because it includes not only something academic, but also we wrote a thesis, did certain volunteer activities. I take scholarships in a total of 25 universities. They're all in the top 50 in the world. These universities are located in America, Canada, the UK and Asia," a graduate of the Kazakhstan International School said.

Some universities were ready to be responsible for all costs related not only to training, but also to accommodation, food and even flight. The girl chose the elite University of Notre Dame in US.

"It is in the Top 5 in America in my specialty. My goal was to get scholarship in a foreign university so that my parents did not pay anything, and I will help them in this matter, "the graduate added.

Eleven guys graduated from the Kazakhstan International School this year. Some of them studied on a grant under the International Bachelor`s degree program. Among them there are children from poor families.