Ambassador of 100% Women World Records becomes a Kazakhstani woman

Фото: Press Service of the Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Federation of Kazakhstan 23.06.2022 81

Kazakhstani mountaineer Ada Molgacheva became the first woman from our country who took part as an Ambassador in an attempt to set a record for the world's largest team of women on one of the peaks in Switzerland, reports according to the press service of the Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Federation of Kazakhstan.

On June 17, near the high-altitude resort of Zermatt in Switzerland, the ascent of the world women's team to the Breithorn peak - 100% Women World Record took place. In an attempt to set a world record for the largest women's team, 80 women from 25 countries took part. The height of the mountain is 4164 meters.

A member of the Presidium of Almaty Mountaineering Federation, senior methodologist-instructor of the mountaineering school of the city Ada Molgacheva became one of the 11 ambassadors of this event.

"As an ambassador from Kazakhstan, SwissTourizm invited me to participate in an attempt to set a world record. I was very proud to represent Kazakhstan's women's mountain community. I must say that this was not the most difficult climbing in terms of mountaineering for me. Because in Almaty we go to such a height almost every weekend," Ada Molgacheva shared her impressions.

She also added that being a part of the global project created with the initiative to support women around the world is a great honor for her. She was able to feel the global support of the female half of the planet.

As the athlete noted, today the special commission is conducting procedures for deciding on the world record and entering it into the Guinness Book of Records.