445 people convicted for January riots

Фото: Kazinform 01.07.2022 190

392 criminal cases in connection with the January riots have been taken to court, deputy chief of the Criminal Proceeding Service of the Prosecutor-General's Office Yeldos Kilymzhanov said, El.kz reports.

«In these cases, 445 persons were sentenced. 46 accused received real prison sentences for serious crimes, including violence against authority figures and destruction of property by those who did not compensate the damage or had non-extinguished previous convictions,» said Kilymzhanov during a briefing.

According to him, 514 accused are under arrest.

«These individuals took an active part in the riots, set fire to buildings, stole arms, involved in armed attacks on government facilities and security forces. Taking into account the personality, health condition, and other materials, the charges to 284 inprisoned persons were replaced by a recognizance not to leave, bails, home arrests, and personal recognizance,» he said.