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Top 8 tallest buildings in Astana

10.03.2017 9863

What about Astana’s skyscrapers

The first place among the world’s skyscrapers is a building of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. Its height is 828 meters! This record has not been broken yet. What about Astana? The rapidly built (and to this day is still growing upwards and outwards) capital also boasts a number of city skyscrapers, both residential and administrative. However, they have to grow and grow until the Burj Khalifa. But our city planners have something to strive for.

“Emerald quarter” Residential Complex

While the 388-meter complex “Abu Dhabi Plaza” is being built, “Emerald quarter” Residential Complex leads our list. Moreover, this building is not the highest only in Astana but also in Kazakhstan. The RC consists of three towers, the tallest of which is 210 meters in height and has 53 floors.

“Northern light” Residential Complex

In 2008, another giant building was erected on “Nurzhol” Water-Green Boulevard. And it is still the second largest building in Kazakhstan. The complex constitutes three separate buildings with 34, 39 and 40 floors in each. The tallest of them can boast a 180-meter height.

The building of KTZ

Kazakhstani railway workers also have the giant building that ranks third in our survey. The structure is formed by two towers, which have 37 and 40 floors. The height of the towers is 156 and 174 meters respectively.

Transport Tower

The building, which the Ministry of Transport and Communications occupy, thanks to its five-meter spire, took the fourth place of our top. Total height of the building reaches 155 meters. The building has 36 floors. By the way, people call “Transport Tower” a “Lighter” due to the similarity in external shape.

Khan Shatyr

This Shopping and Entertainment center is 150 meters height, again thanks to the spire. Moreover, the “Khan Shatyr” is the biggest tent in the world and is in the top ten world eco-buildings. We will not list all the charm of this shopping center, people know about it.

“Grand Alatau” Residential Complex

This is the only building from the above, erected on the right bank of the capital, in its historical center. It was built in 2009 and is still one of the most prestigious residential complexes of the city, largely due to the picturesque neighboring countryside – the embankment of the Esil River. The highest building of this complex has 43 floors and a height of 144 meters.

“Triumph of Astana” Residential Complex

The most striking thing of this building is not its height of 130 meters, but its monumentality. “Triumph of Astana” is visible from almost all points of the city. The structure is very memorable because of its architecture. And Russian visitors of the capital find a clear similarity of the “Triumph” in shape with their “Moscow State University”.

The building of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The construction of this 100-meter administrative building took three years. Republican Parliament celebrated its housewarming party in 2004. The building constitutes a complex of four blocks. The highest point is located on the 22nd floor, and the total area of the entire building is 26,800 square meters.