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Distinctive Cossack Spirit

09.07.2020 1078
About Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack Organizations in Kazakhstan

"Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack Organizations of Kazakhstan has been established in 2005. Cossacks of North Kazakhstan region are active participants of all events and holidays. From the moment of creation of the branch its collective actively cooperates with "Russian association of Kazakhstan", society of Slavic culture "Lad". By joint efforts days of the Slavic writing and culture are spent, important dates for Slavs are marked. At association there is a youth club, its members take part in forums of youth, patriotic actions.The association is also engaged in charity: in summer it organizes rest of children from needy families. Thanks to the help of the organization 22 young men from North Kazakhstan have had a rest in the sanatorium "Irtyshsky" of Omsk region, four more have visited St.Petersburg.

   The leaders of the organization know that there is a lot of work ahead, but they are ready to do everything for the preservation of unity and friendship in multi-ethnic Kazakhstan, which is aimed at promoting Cossack traditions. Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack organizations also hold exhibitions, where they present folk crafts: unique products from birch bark, painted in Russian color wooden dishes. The cossacks even show flanking with a draughtsman's checker, which under the skillful hand of the master cleverly painted out circles and patterns in the air.

It becomes traditional to hold the "Cossack Var" in the villages of North Kazakhstan region. Public association "The Brotherhood of Siberian Cossacks" held "Cossack Var" – traditional Cossack game practice. Cossacks from Lebyazhye, Petropavlovsk, Asanovskaya and Presnovskaya stanitsas came to "Var". Before the beginning of such a great cause was read a common prayer-blessing, which gave the start to the whole event. During the construction of the regional ataman, Cossack Colonel Viktor Taranov read the order to reward for their loyal service to the Cossacks, and to raise the ranks of Cossacks several Cossacks. Then the "Cossack Var" was launched.The quality of the "Cossack Var" and its character is set and depends directly on the Leader Kashevar, on his ability to start a crowd and keep it under control. Nikolay Vinnikov was very good at that. Whatever the Cossacks were doing in the circle! At first, to warm up, they chose a leading Cossack, who had to be dexterous or cunning to get out of the circle. Not everyone was able to do it. The loser had to do 10 times in the circle. Then began the real games of real men, "Cossack bar", where all are equal, whether the ataman or Cossack. Hot, from all sorts of games and fun that produce the participants of the "Kotel", "Var" interaction, the development of wit and other qualities, they did not notice the time, and no one.

The creators of the "Kotel" say that the tradition of "Cossack science" and "Cossack Var" is aimed at leveling the psycho-emotional state of man, removal of blocks and social fears, through equality, friendship and brotherhood. The meeting continued with a colorful action: flanking a checkerboard. Everybody could show their luck: young girls and Cossacks, Cossacks of older generation and quite a small Cossack Andrey, whose wooden draughtsman dragged on the ground, and was twice as big as his. The first thing that produces "Cossack var is a strong character, equalizes interpersonal relationships. promotes the transfer of experience from the older to younger, the formation of moral and spiritual environment. Thus, the combat skills naturally for a Cossack were fixed in his consciousness. The "Kotel" was allowed from early childhood (from 3 years) up to deep old age. Father stood side by side with his son, and grandson shoulder to shoulder with his grandfather. Here you have the clan power and clan memory. Everybody could compete with accuracy in air rifle shooting, ability to deftly throw a sports knife at a target. Everywhere there were songs, laughter, a triple "Dear Cossacks" about a successful shot or throw. Children quickly mastered a small lake, swimming in it. The older Cossacks kept up with them. The weather was wonderful, as if to order. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail. There were invited choral groups from Poludino and Lebyazhka, who all day long sang Cossack songs, raising everyone's spirits. With a smoky ear, buckwheat porridge with meat, the carp baked on the grill, tea on herbs - all this cooked with love added even more exclusivity and uniqueness to the Cossack brew. We should separately express our gratitude and appreciation to the Supreme Ataman of Kazakhstan, Yuri Filippovich Zakharov, for his sponsorship of the Cossack Var, the ataman of Lebyazhie village, Anatoly Dmitriyev, who created and presented us with this holiday. He was able to convey to the people and strengthen the belief that the Cossack Var has a huge potential and a strong future. At the end of the meeting the Cossacks examined the remains of the Cossack redoubt and paid tribute to the memory of the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War.