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Yevgeny Kochetov: We will propogate «100 New Faces» abroad

15.12.2017 1555

A special road map is being prepared in Astana to showcase the citizens who have entered the «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan»

A special road map is being prepared in Astana to showcase the citizens who have entered the «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan». The Kazcontent CEO Yevgeny Kochetov said at the regular meeting of the Ministry of Communications and Information. The project is not limited to the selection of the best citizens. All the work is ahead. Now, we are engaged in the promotion of citizens, who have entered the «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan». We work with meetings, discussions, special books, as well as documentaries», said Evgeny Kochetov, head of Kazcontent JSC. According to him, the work of the best citizens of the world to be shown abroad is also in focus. «The names of the selected people will enter the history of the country and will serve as a model for Kazakhstan's future generation. We try to show their names not only in the country, but also abroad», Kochetov said.

Remind that, on December 1, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev met 102 winners of the project «100 New Faces» organized within the framework of the «Spiritual Renewal» program. Athletes who lifted the flag of Kazakhstan and doctors and gymnasts, prominent businessmen and scientists, culture and public figures were warmly welcomed by the President.

Zhambyl region, in the national project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan», was presented to the finalists in the gala Galym Arystanbaev, a policeman with 11 children, transfers Correspondent MIA Kazinform with reference to the press service of the DVD area. In the Merkensky district of Zhambyl region, a multidimensional family lives in the 40-year-old policeman. The sergeant rattles and thrashes the police, and he is the daughter of five children from the children 's home. With Aliya, a bridegroom, they built a family home. As a child, Aliya attends her childhood as a teacher, educating her wholeheartedly and lovingly. Senior sergeant Dortmund-Patrol Police Station in the Merkensk District of the Merken District, Galym Arystanbaev, has been working for many years to secure a social order. Arystanbayev's family was the only finalist of the republican contest «Merciful family», but the head of the family came to the number of «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» project winners. «For my part, this is the republican project «100 newer ones in Kazakhstan», initiated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan», said Galym Arystanbaev.

 - In a meeting with the Leader of the Nation, we are looking forward to the extraordinary glory and for the very reason, for the sake of your country, for our President. It is impossible to detain her mistreatment: «I am looking forward to your life with our life».

You live in the community, you are splitting, you've been up and running in the list of 100 new Faces and you've been to with your personalities. You are heroes «It was a great pleasure for Nursultan Nazarbayev to know each winner. This is a great deal of excitement, a huge charge of positive energy, a momentum for individual development and improvement of our society».

For more than a decade, in the Arystanbaev's family were born three boys, but they wanted to have a girl. They took a one-year-old baby from Merken children's home.   At the beginning Arystanbaev's family wanted to take from Merken only one child, but they could not leave other three children who live with her. So, they brought four children from Merken children house named at B. Savvi, and then other three. Now the Merken children house is stopped its activity because there are no children left. All of them now are in Arystanbaev’s care. The Arystanbaev's family became a multinational, there are chinese, uzbek, azerbaijani girls and russion, gypsy boys. They are all different, but they speak in single language - kazakh. They are all good and dear to Arystanbaev's family. «I believe that all of them are friendly people of Kazakhstan» said Gulsara Mukhtarkulova, the Jambyl Region Press Service. In the planes of the multi-million children from the Merkensky district Arystanbaev only the increase, bringing new children, can replace the parent and give the heat and goodness of their souls.