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The Resistance - it is all about fourfold

15.12.2017 1882

11 East-Kazakhstan residents have been specially designated by the finalists of «100 New Faces of Kazakhstans»

11 East-Kazakhstan residents have been specially designated by the finalists of «100 New Faces of Kazakhstans». We are in the region, as it has been, with all the mindless, talented and sophisticated people.

The idea of the project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» was drawn up by Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the article «The guide to the Future: Modernization of the Commonwealth».

«The Resistance - it is all about fourfold. The historical scale scrambles the sums. Only a small number of individuals and factions are living in human beings. Rich, bright, dramatic and contemplative. The project «100 new ones in Kazakhstan» - this is 100 historic people from different regions, different backgrounds and nationalities, which have become a solid year for the future, President Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.

My dear, the project is realizing in the frame of the «Spiritual Renewal» program. Participant of the project is a citizen of the country, who is the only model who has a unique model of personality in the country, which is developing the country with a sovereignty.

The collection of applications for participation in the project started on June 7 on a special Internet portal. And the voting itself started on October 18 on the site Where citizens could give their vote for three different candidates, who were divided into 6 categories depending on the type of activity. The list includes representatives of public health, culture, art and science, public figures and athletes. The authors of the project declare that the history of each of them is worthy of attention.

Furthermore, here the first stage of the project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» is completed. 102 candidates were selected by popular vote. More than 340 thousand Kazakhstanis gave for their favorites 1 million 376 thousand votes. These figures only speak about one thing: the project did not leave anyone indifferent, it is interesting to society.

Since the launch of the project, more than 2 thousand stories have been received from all over Kazakhstan. It was selected about 300 most interesting and unusual. It is worth noting that 31 people got to the list of candidates from Eastern Kazakhstan, and were occupied the third line after Almaty and Astana. Out of 31 candidates, 10 people are representatives of our city. Among them 11 of our countrymen: agrarian and philanthropist Vladimir Akulov, teacher of the Children's School of Arts in the village of Ust-Talovka Valentin Alifanov, blacksmith and jeweler Abylaykhan Asylbai, scientist and inventor Alexey Bashkirtsev, physicist and teacher of the EKU Almira Zhilkashinova, deputy head of the National Academic Library of the RK Nurzhan Zholdybalinov, akyn and doctoral candidate Yerzhan Zhumabek, head of the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology Sergey Lukashenko, chess player and mathematician Oleg Pimenov, general director of Shalabay LLP Kuanysh Suleimenov.

It was these people - our contemporaries - who made significant progress towards their dream, made an invaluable contribution to the development of Kazakhstan.