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The finalist of the project «100 New Faces» sold the laptop to get an education

15.12.2017 2916

Unusual success story of Yernur Rysmagambetov told Nursultan Nazarbayev at the forum «100 new faces of Kazakhstan» in Astana

Unusual success story of Yernur Rysmagambetov told Nursultan Nazarbayev at the forum «100 new faces of Kazakhstan» in Astana. One of the winners of the project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» Yernur Rysmagambetov told the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev about how he won international olympiads in physics, about his activities in America and how he became the head of the Bureau of Continuing Professional Development in IFCAC.

«15 years ago, in 2002 at the World Olympiad in Physics I won a gold medal, showing the highest result. I believe that this is the victory of my teachers and the whole of Kazakhstan. In the same year, I received an invitation from one of the world's leading universities - the California Institute of Technology. It was not easy to become a grant holder. On the other hand, to fly there, to America and find 1200 dollars was even more difficult. 17-year-old even then, I asked for help from various sponsors, I wanted to refuse, because I thought that I had lost hope. At the end, once again I won another Olympics and sold my laptop in the amount of $ 1,300, sold it and began my journey to America», Yernur Rysmagambetov shared his story.

As he noted in his speech, the university, where the boy entered, surpassed all his expectations. So, he joined the NASA with the Mars rover.

«We can say that the famous Ilon Musk founded his company SpaceX, sitting on our lectures. In addition to physics, I was also interested in finance and investment. I won the JPMorgan Chase project from one of the world's largest investment banks. Then I got the opportunity to work there», he said.

So, having received a huge experience, Yernur Rysmagambetov returned to Kazakhstan. As the speaker noted, since 2009 he started to prepare students in physics for the World Olympiad.

«We went to Mexico and won 2 gold medals, in Thailand - 3 gold, and our country entered the top 10. Our work was highly appreciated by the World Organizing Committee, and I became a member of this committee», he said.

Today, Yernur Rysmagambetov works in the International Financial Center «Astana». «By combining all the accumulated experiences in education and finance, I head the Bureau of Continuing Professional Development. Our goal is to train 2000 specialists in finance and investment and bring them to the international level. Then employ them in the ecosystem of the financial center. Nursultan Abishevich, our children show high achievements at the World Olympiads. The next stage is to be raised to a high global IFAC rating», he concluded.

Recall, 1 December in Astana there was a meeting of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with the winners of the project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan».