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«100 New Faces of Kazakhstan»

15.12.2017 2993

I propose to focus on the history of our contemporary achievements

There are a lot of people who have made a significant contribution to the Kazakhstan's sovereignty. They have different steps to honor their generations and propagate their good deeds. The «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» is the project that highlighted in Nursultan Nazarbayev's article «The Orientation to the Future: Spiritual Renewal»: «I propose to focus on the history of our contemporary achievements».

It is important to realize this idea through the project of «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan». There has been over 25 years Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a historic moment in our lives. In fact, every success in Kazakhstan has a variety of destinies.

The project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» is a history of different ages, representatives of various ethnic groups who have succeeded in the years of independence, living in different regions of the country. The project reflects today's, modern Kazakhstan's image, through the concrete destinies and biographies of specific individuals, «says the article in the headline, which shows how important the project is to the future generations. Special working groups have been set up to implement the tasks of the Head of the state regarding spiritual modernization. The Ministry of Information and Communication together with the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan has been designated as the main body of the project «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan».

With the chairmanship of Dauren Abayev, Minister of Communications and Information, a meeting of the working group was held in Kazakhstan. Dauren Abayev, the Minister of Information and Communication, says: «Success does not mean to be famous. Not all successful people are famous. Therefore, the purpose of our project is to present their work to the country, to the public and publicize. As the project's name suggests, we should look for new names that have not yet been recognized in Kazakhstan. We are working in this direction».

In his speech, the Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan addressed the journalists. He noted that during his professional career, he often met with various fateful people and often encountered characters who did not know it. From the articles written by the journalist, by keeping silent about the reports he has made, it is possible to differentiate those who do great work and to find new names.

In his speech, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Darkhan Mynbay, emphasized the necessity of a thorough discussion of the systemic implementation of the project and its relevance to the country's future. «100 New Faces of Kazakhstan» - is actually an unprecedented project. It will promote the broadening of the people who contributed to the development of our country.

However, when selecting them one by one, we will focus on the personality of the individual. The person must have moral business, education, and culture ideas. Only if he has such qualities in his heart can he be an example to others. The Working Group will do their job to find out how to identify them», said the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Selection of applicants for the project will cover all regions of the country. In general, the project proposals considered by June 5, 2017. Also opened the section «I want to be the face of Kazakhstan» within the framework of the project Е For the selection of «100 New Faces in Kazakhstan» a new function was launched on the portal Е It becomes a real multimedia portal. The portal placed all successful people, not 100, 200 or 500. Anyone can visit the site at any time and get acquainted with the new names of Kazakhstan.

Participants of the Special Working Group unanimously approved the need for qualified specialists and caregivers to keep track of the diversity of new names in the selection, classification of new names. In other words, any project participant should be a model for the Kazakh people. Thus, the Ministry of Information and Communications jointly with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has begun implementing the project «100 New Faces in Kazakhstan». So, we did it!

The project «100 New Faces in Kazakhstan» is over. On the portal, 102 winners were selected through the nationwide online voting. In this case, we have the right to add two candidates who are just below the initial one for the number of votes, Dauren Abayev said.

According to him, more than 340 thousand Kazakhstanis voted for 1 million 376 thousand people. «This shows that the project is important to society. Great work will be done now. At present, the Ministry of Information and Communication together with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is developing an action plan», the Minister said. Dauren Abayev was convinced that the names of the winners will become the new page in the country's history of success.

«In this regard, I would like to thank all the people who participated in the project - journalists who provide comprehensive information on the new names of the country, volunteers who support us, and members of public organizations. During the collection of applications, we have found thousands of unique people who are proud of our country and deserve admiration for the younger generation. These new names will open new pages of the history of the entire Independent Country», Dauren Abayev wrote.