Musical Contrasts to take place at Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall

Musical Contrasts to take place at Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall
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A unique concertMusical Contrasts, which is a part of the Operaliya International Festival, will take place at the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall on July 2. The author of the program, holder of the Order of Qurmet Ruslan Baimurzin, will conduct the Astana Opera Orchestra. The evening will also feature wonderful solo instrumentalists – violinist Sagikozha Yerezhepov, flautist Alima Abeuova, and clarinettist Almaz Tokpanov,El.kz cites astanaopera.kz.

The exclusivity of the program lies in the fact that it will include rarely performed works by contemporary composers, as well as various musical genres and iconic premiere numbers. 

An interesting block of works by the US composers will be presented at this concert. An incredibly harmonious composition, Suite from the ballet Pulcinella, was created by Stravinsky in 1925. It is a striking example of Neoclassicism in music. The composer drew on the themes from the works by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and other 18th century Italian classics, giving them a modern sound. The work, inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte traditions, amazes with its lightness and sophistication. 

If the capital’s viewers are already familiar with the suite from the ballet Pulcinella, Copland’s Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (with Harp and Piano) they will hear for the first time. Aaron Copland is a representative of the older generation of the American national school of composition, a generation that played a significant, and perhaps even decisive, role in its formation. This Clarinet Concerto was written in 1947 for the famous clarinettist Benny Goodman. Copland, one of the greatest American composers of the 20th century, introduced elements of jazz and folklore into this work, which gives it a special energy and zest. The concerto combines lyrical beauty with energetic rhythms, allowing the clarinet to shine in all its virtuosity. 

As part of the concert, there will be an opportunity to listen to Arvo Pärt’s Fratres for violin and chamber orchestra. This is one of the Estonian composer’s most famous works. Pärt developed a unique style that he called ‘Tintinnabuli’ (from Latin for ‘bell’). It was characterized by simplicity and meditativeness. Fratres for violin and chamber orchestra is an opus in which every note is endowed with deep meaning, creating an atmosphere of spiritual immersion and contemplation. 

The high point of the evening will be César Franck – Eugene Magalif’s Prelúde, Fugue & Variation, Concert Transcription for Flute and Strings, performed with the orchestra for the first time in the world. Franck, one of the major representatives of French musical Romanticism, is known for his emotionally intense and melodically rich works. Magalif’s adaptation for flute and string orchestra reveals new facets of this work, emphasizing its lyricism and grace. 

The chamber orchestra, led by conductor and author of the concert Ruslan Baimurzin, will present these works in a new light, revealing all the nuances and contrasts of musical styles. 

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