Measures to protect strategic life support facilities from floods strengthened in Uralsk

Measures to protect strategic life support facilities from floods strengthened in Uralsk
Фото: primeminister.kz 16.04.2024 12:28 896

In the West Kazakhstan region strengthened measures to protect the facilities of life support systems. In particular, in Uralsk, a set of flood control measures was organised at the facilities of Batys su Arnasy LLP, Zhaiykteploenergo JSC, as well as at the pumping station, El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

Water supply in Uralsk comes from 2 types of sources: underground wells and the Ural River. On the territory of the communal enterprise "Batys su arnasy", which provides water to 340 thousand residents of the city, everything is currently functioning in normal mode: there is a necessary stock of water and reagents for its purification. Emergency brigades, 820 employees of the enterprise, 82 units of specialised equipment are on standby.

"To exclude flooding of strategic objects along the river Zhaiyk, flood control works are carried out to strengthen the dam. Measures have been taken in advance to provide water to the city residents. There is a rolling stock in the form of water trucks that can provide water supply," Batys su Arnasy chief engineer Ayan Taskali said. 

Zhaiykteploenergo owns more than 248 kilometres of the city's heating system. As part of flood control works, sand and gravel mixture is being filled in the areas most prone to waterlogging. In measures 180 persons of personnel and 15 units of special equipment are involved.

In total in the West Kazakhstan region more than 20 thousand kilometres of electrical networks, in four districts there are more than 20 substations, in the city of Uralsk there are 16 substations. Due to their location on a hill, there is no danger of flooding. Preventive measures are being taken, bagging with bags and earth ramparts. Emergency brigades, 1400 employees and 140 units of special equipment are ready.

Flood control measures have also been taken to protect the pumping station located on the Zhaiyk River. 

"The pumping station provides water to ZhaiykTeploEnergo and drinking water to the townspeople as well as about 60 thousand cubic metres of water we take every day. This is a strategic object, so for security purposes we carry out diking of the station, we put bags," the Head of the Department of Energy and Housing Miras Mulkay said. 

It should be reminded that in the West Kazakhstan region mobilised forces in preparation for the upcoming peak of floods. In total in the region in flood control measures involved more than 6.3 thousand people and 1.5 thousand units of equipment. Measures are being taken to strengthen residential areas. 

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