Makpal Zhunusova

I performed for the first time when I was 4 years old
Makpal Zhunusova
28.02.2017 13:24 6765

The article was based on annual interviews to print media of Makpal Zhunusova, a People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

I performed for the first time on the stage of the village when I was 4 years old. At that time my mother taught me and said “when you finish singing, bow your head before public and thank them!” But bowing deeply and welcoming public was my idea. Nowadays some people say: “you are a People’s Artist, you do not need to bow deeply”. Nevertheless, I could not give up this habit; I am always ready to bow when I go up the stage. However, I am not suffering from this.    

People sometimes say: “Makpal, you are a “perfect” person”. Certainly, thank you for your sincere wishes, but I do not consider myself to be one of the perfect people. I also have my own flaws. There are a lot of things that I have never known and seen. Though, I am trying to avoid my weaknesses.

In my opinion, I found solace only in Mukagali’s poetries. When I feel bad, I read the poetries of this great poet and relax.

I would say artists need to have patience. In any case, a patient person will finally succeed.

I think I have succeeded in art rather than in life.

Honestly, I play the role of a spoilt girl on the stage. You need to have an image as you are an artist. You have to hide all your personal emotions, and be the one who the public wants you to be. I have cried, suffered. To be honest, I am still having sorrow…

If you want to look perfectly, you have to perform at weddings. It is our main income. Especially, when I want to wear a new dress, I meet with people having celebrations. Nevertheless, it is obvious that you will not earn all money, so you should not perform at weddings too much.

I have never tried to sing a duet with anyone. Singers come to me saying “apai, we would like to sing with you”. I answer “if you find a good song, let us sing together”. I have sung a duet with groups “Nur-Mukassan”, “Seriler”, singers Zhubanysh Zheksenuly, Alisher Karimov, Akbota Kerimbekova and others.

There were a lot of moments when I struggled with thoughts which made me give up, there were a lot of unhappy days and sleepless nights. When I suddenly lost my support, Zaken, I did not know what to do, I was heartbroken. “Misfortunes never come alone” as it is said, when I was enduring this big loss, trying to come around, you know, I was charged with Zaken’s death. I had been questioning for 2-3 months. It was the hardest time, when one problem changed with another. I was almost broken. There was nothing interesting for me; I was sometimes ready to pass away.

I am not completely against renewal, but you should not renew too much. For example, does rapper know Kazakh traditional music and history? Does he know Amire Kashaubayev, Kulash Baiseitova, Garifolla Kurmangaliyev, even though people such Madi Tattimbet, Kurmahgazy? That is the point. Rapper does not know about it.

Once at the Roza Baglanova Memorial concert young people were taken to make the hall full. I cannot understand how they could sit and talk on the phone saying “I do not know, it is like someone’s Memorial Day”. It is a true story. Who can assure that they will not say about me in the future, while we are singing Kazakh songs to make a contribution into culture? Not only me, but everyone is worried about it.

I use Instagram on my own. My daughter Merey created me an account on Instagram and taught me how to use it, how to post photos and videos. At first I did not write anything, just posted photos. It really takes a lot of time. Once I needed to learn a poem, so I closed my account on Instagram for 10-15 days. Though, people wrote letters like “where have you been, we missed you!” What I noticed is that social networking sites are useful to report what you have done today and where you have been to.    

I always say to my daughter “if you study hard, you will succeed! That is good for you!”

I never grudge anything people who I respect and who serve me faithfully.

There is a difference between weddings and concerts. However, the weddings need more responsibility; you have to take photos with all guests. On the stage no one can bother you, you stand far from the audience. At the wedding guests come to me, shake my hand and take photos. This means people respect me. In my opinion it is a shame to say “I do not sign autographs, do not take photos of me” to people coming to you. I do not separate young people from old people, I always sing wholeheartedly in front of the public.

Generally, I think you do not have to be jealous of my destiny. I wish “may young people have all respect and honor that I earned, but not my destiny!” Do you think it was easy? Politics is a difficult thing. And to be a politician’s wife is more difficult. Zaken taught me how to be strong and how to defend myself. I highly appreciate him as a person and as a man.

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