Kazakhstan's space startup recognized as one of best in US

Kazakhstan's space startup recognized as one of best in US
Фото: astanahub.com 10.04.2024 11:13 858

SpaceLab, a member of Astana Hub, specializing in space technologies and developing solutions for the prevention of natural disasters and managing their consequences, is recognized as one of the best and most promising in California, the largest Pacific state in the United States, El.kz reports.

"When we were told that we had made it to the top space startups, I thought it was a joke. This is truly amazing because F6S is the world's leading network with over 2.5 million startups and founders registered. Currently, we are one of the few startups and young companies in the field of space activities in Kazakhstan. Receiving such an assessment from the international professional community in a competitive and expensive industry is a significant motivational factor for us," said Dauren Aubakirov, co-founder of SpaceLab.

The idea behind the startup is that it combines data from different sensors and computers across the country. And in this way, it can predict natural disasters, such as floods. In general, it is almost the same as a smart home, but only on a national scale.

In 2023, SpaceLab successfully completed the Hero Training intensive acceleration program in Silicon Valley as part of the partnership between Astana Hub and Draper University, and entered the top ten out of 100 teams from around the world.   

To date, SpaceLab is entering into agreements with Kazakhstani organizations, including telecommunications, mining and medical companies, for the pilot implementation of the project. African countries have also shown interest in their product, including a request for a pilot launch in Ethiopia. In addition, the team is working on scaling the project in the UAE markets.

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