Kazakhstan's partnership with Chevron discussed in Government

Kazakhstan's partnership with Chevron discussed in Government
Фото: primeminister.kz 15.02.2024 16:08 3785

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov held a meeting with Managing Director of the Eurasian division of Chevron Derek Magness, El.kz cites press service of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Prime Minister noted that on behalf of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, large-scale economic reforms are being carried out in the republic, which should create conditions for annual GDP growth of 6% or more.

"The government will create the most comfortable conditions for investors to implement projects and provide the necessary support. In turn, we also expect our partners to take active steps to implement joint plans in a timely manner, providing for the maximum use of local potential, technology transfer and deep processing of raw materials," said Olzhas Bektenov.

The Prime Minister outlined the need to complete the future expansion and wellhead pressure management projects at the Tengiz field on time in the 1st half of 2025 and the 1st half of 2024, respectively.

At the same time, he added that the Government also attaches great importance to the development of the Karachaganak field. The priority here is to maintain oil and condensate production at the level of at least 11 million tons per year.

"The developed conceptual solution for the implementation of the project for the construction of a gas processing plant at Karachaganak with a capacity of 4 billion cubic meters per year is important for the future development of the field," Olzhas Bektenov emphasized.

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that one of the priorities of economic policy is the development of local content

"Closer cooperation with domestic manufacturers interested in the production of products is required. At the same time, if the necessary goods or equipment are not produced in the country, we want to see specific plans to localize these industries in Kazakhstan in the next 2-3 years," the head of government said.

In turn, Derek Magness confirmed Chevron's readiness to strengthen cooperation with Kazakhstan in all areas of interest.

"We are excited to work together and develop our partnership. Chevron supports the efforts that are being made to develop the economy of your country. Today, good conditions are being created for investments and new projects. We see opportunities for future development in the context of our partnership," he said.

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