Kazakhstan to establish cooperation with Tajikistan in field of digitalization and aerospace industry

Kazakhstan to establish cooperation with Tajikistan in field of digitalization and aerospace industry
Фото: Akorda 15.09.2023 15:10 613

Kazakhstan has announced a partnership with Tajikistan in the framework of digital development and innovation, aimed at exchanging experience and deepening cooperation in the aerospace industry. The initiative was announced by Kazakhstan's First Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, Kanysh Tuleushin, during the International Exhibition of Central Asian Producers in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, El.kz reports.

Several key documents were signed at the exhibition, which provide for the introduction of modern technological solutions, training of civil servants and the establishment of electronic licensing. Among the significant projects are the creation of a website builder for a single portal of Internet resources of government agencies and the launch of a pilot project to connect 10 rural settlements of Tajikistan to the Internet via the KazSat-3 satellite.

"The signing of these documents opens a new chapter in the development of the IT industry in Kazakhstan, for the first time reaching the international level in the field of GovTech. We were instructed to share our experience in creating a modern e-government infrastructure to colleagues from Tajikistan, as well as to provide Internet access in 10 villages with the possibility of further expanding the project to 50 villages next year," Kanysh Tuleushin said after the signing ceremony.

The exhibition, which takes place from 14 to 16 September, brought together industry leaders and representatives from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the national pavilions and economic achievements of the participating countries, as well as discuss innovative projects in the fields of IT and aerospace industry.

It is expected that this event contributes to the promotion of innovative solutions and the creation of a platform for establishing partnerships and exchanging experience in the field of information technology and aerospace industry.

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