Kazakhstan rises in world ranking of Internet speed

Kazakhstan rises in world ranking of Internet speed
Фото: El.kz/Yerbol Bekbolat /LeonardoAI 29.02.2024 13:04 1045

Over the past year, the speed of mobile Internet in Kazakhstan has increased by 59%, reaching 35.32 megabits per second.

According to Finprom.kz, Kazakhstan has risen three positions in the international ranking, now ranking 69th among 140 countries, El.kz reports.

In the context of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Armenia is in 79th place in the ranking, Uzbekistan is in 91st, Kyrgyzstan is in 94th, Russia is in 99th, Belarus is in 130th, and Tajikistan closes the list in 140th place.

Looking at individual cities in Kazakhstan, the average mobile internet speed is 32.32 megabits per second in Almaty, 27.24 megabits per second in Astana, and 22.47 megabits per second in Shymkent.

At the top of the global mobile internet speed ranking is the United Arab Emirates with 302 megabits per second, followed by Qatar and Kuwait. In last place in the ranking is East Timor with a speed of only 3.75 megabits per second.

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