Kazakhstan and Croatia: Course Towards Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Kazakhstan and Croatia: Course Towards Mutually Beneficial Partnership
Фото: MFA 19.03.2024 19:48 1625

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Roman Vassilenko and Ambassador of Croatia to Kazakhstan Refic Šabanović compared notes on the entire spectrum of the bilateral agenda, with a particular emphasis on expanding trade, economic and investment cooperation.  

“The first meeting of the Kazakh-Croatian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation (Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Croatia are co-chairs of the IGC), held in January this year, a historic milestone in our bilateral relations, laid the foundation for the bolstering bilateral trade turnover and facilitating mutually beneficial projects across priority areas such as energy, transport and logistics, agriculture, tourism and healthcare,” noted Roman Vassilenko.   

Considering the calendar of activities, the parties reviewed the progress of preparations for the inaugural meeting of the Kazakh-Croatian Business Council and the Business Forum, scheduled for April 25 of this year in Zagreb. These gatherings offer a unique platform for entrepreneurs and investors from both countries to engage in discussions on current issues, exchange experiences and ideas, and explore new avenues for cooperation.

The parties also expressed interest in enhancing interaction within the transport and logistics sector, including the development of the “Middle Corridor” and leveraging the potential of key Croatian seaports such as Rijeka, Zadar and Ploče.

Following the results of the meeting, the diplomats reaffirmed their intent to uphold regular political dialogue, strengthen inter-parliamentary and cultural-humanitarian ties, and further expand the legal framework governing bilateral cooperation.

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