Kazakh woman is best student at New York Military Academy

Kazakh woman is best student at New York Military Academy
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An 18-year-old Kazakh woman named Malika is studying at the US military academy, where she has already spent two years. Recently, blogger and photographer Arken Awan, also from Kazakhstan, shared a video on his page in which he captured Maliki's speech as the best student with the highest rating, El.kz reports.

Arken explained that he had met Malinka by chance at the graduation ceremony at the New York Military Academy, where he had been commissioned to photograph another graduate.

"I saw a Kazakh girl at the graduation at the New York Military Academy, where I came to shoot another graduate to order, about whom I will also talk later," he said.

Arken conducted a short interview with Malinka, in which she shared her story.

"I have been playing table tennis professionally for 10 years. This is my second year here, in 2022 they opened a tennis program and this school was looking for students. I realized that I wanted to return to Kazakhstan, study and fly back here. I was invited and here I am," Malika said.

Malika added that she has been professionally engaged in table tennis for 10 years. In 2022, the military academy opened a table tennis program and was looking for students to participate. She decided to return to Kazakhstan, finish her studies there, and then return to the United States.

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