Kazakh Minister of Science and Higher Education takes part in Bett-2024 conference in London

Kazakh Minister of Science and Higher Education takes  part in Bett-2024 conference in London
Фото: Minister of Science and Higher Education 25.01.2024 11:38 1988

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sayasat Nurbek arrived in London to participate in the BETT UK-2024 conference, El.kz reports with reference to the department.

BETT-2024 is the largest educational technology exhibition in the world, which brings together not only education leaders from all over the world, but also brings together over 600 innovative providers of educational technologies and resources in one place, demonstrating advanced and effective products and services.

Within the framework of this conference, Sayasat Nurbek spoke to a wide audience on the topic "How is artificial intelligence changing the field of higher education?".

The head of the department shared the reforms being taken in Kazakhstan to introduce artificial intelligence into the curriculum and how the state responds to the challenges of modern technologies.

The Minister also elaborated on the advantages and opportunities of digitalization and artificial intelligence for the teaching staff of universities:

"For educators, artificial intelligence is becoming a powerful tool in research and administrative tasks. Automating routine processes frees up time for deeper interaction with students, creating new courses, and research. In this way, the development of artificial intelligence in higher education shapes future-oriented learning and inspires the exploration of new areas of knowledge."

Within the framework of the conference, Sayasat Nurbek held a meeting with senior officials of the UK Department for Education and discussed further strengthening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the UK in the field of science and higher education.

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