Kazakh IT specialists develop domestic version of ChatGPT

Kazakh IT specialists develop domestic version of ChatGPT
Фото: Bakht Niyazov / Facebook 28.02.2024 13:55 961

Kazakh IT specialist Bakhyt Niyazov shared in his post on Facebook details about working on the Irbis GPT project, which is an ambitious initiative to create a Kazakh analogue of Chat GPT, El.kz reports.

At the current stage, the team is actively testing various hypotheses aimed at creating a prototype of a full-fledged Kazakh language model. Niyazov shared that the model training process includes data collection, pre-training on common tasks, as well as specialized training and iterative improvement.

Niyazov expressed confidence that Irbis GPT will eventually become an important social and strategic project for Kazakhstan. The first screenshots show the initial stages of work on the Kazakh language model and the interaction of the team.

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