Kazakh gymnasts win medals at Aphrodite's Cup

Kazakh gymnasts win medals at Aphrodite's Cup
Фото: Olympic.kz 18.03.2024 16:01 2937

The Aphrodite Cup, an international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics, was held in Greece. Kazakh gymnasts won six medals, El.kz reports citing Olympic.kz.

In exercises with a ball, the gold medal was won by Erika Zhailauova. In the same type of program, Aybot Yertaykyzy became the third.

Aibota Yertaykyzy successfully performed in the final of exercises with clubs, becoming the first. The third result was shown by Milana Parfilova.

In the competition with ribbons, the first place was taken by Aibota Ertaikyzy, Milana Parfilova won the "silver".

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