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Kazakh girl who works at Elon Musk`s project

15.09.2020 393
What do we know about Zhanna Ykylas?

We all know that a world-famous American businessman and inventor Elon Musk proposed a project of high-speed Hyperloop vacuum train in 2013.

The project is being developed and tested nowadays. However, an annual competition among student teams is organized at the base of SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, in California, USA, in order to increase an importance of this project and build a prototype for the concept of Hyperloop.

Our fellow citizen Zhanna Ykylas is one of the students who involved in the construction of the Hyperloop vacuum train and had the opportunity to participate in this competition.

Zhanna is currently studying at the University of Florida. We have interviewed a 20-year-old Zhanna, who is the only female engineer in the students ‘team, consisting of 30 members.

- While studying at the University of Florida, how did you get into the Gatorloop student team that was engaged in the construction of vacuum trains in a short time?

- When I came to study to America, I did not want to attend the classes and library. Therefore, I wanted to improve in practice. Since I have a student exchange visa, I do not have a work permit. So, I looked for a student organization involved in engineering projects.

One day when I came to the exhibition organized by our faculty, there were various student organizations, including the Gatorloop team that I work with now. So, on the banner of this team, I saw the caption: "Our participants will have internships in companies such as SpaceX, Tesla", and I approached them and asked about the life of the team. Thus, they were invited to attend their first meeting in a few days.

After attending the meeting, the responsible specialists explained how to register for the team and noted that they would consider the benefits for the team in the future.

In fact, one of two options is not always accepted for this team. However, there are those who could not keep up with the team and left the job in the middle way.