Repatriates Assembly

Fellow relatives are interested in the development of agriculture

22.09.2020 314
A round table relating to the President's Address was held

“Fellow citizens fund” and the World Association of Kazakhs jointly held a round table to discuss the Address of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan.

An event was attended by Vice President of the “Fellow citizens fund” Magauiya Sarbasov, member of the National Council, public figure Ayut Mukibek, famous ethnodesigner Kazipa Mukhametkali, chairman of the Republican Public Association "Asar" Kairat Bodaukhan, entrepreneurs Bilal Iskak, Ainur Zhakeykyzy and also, the representatives of the World Association of Kazakhs and fellow relatives who have moved to our country at different times took part and shared their views.

- Many issues were raised in the Address. A social sphere can be noted particularly. For example, the salaries of teachers and doctors will be increased, and the population will be able to spend one part of their pensions on buying a house. Many measures have been taken to support entrepreneurship and tax benefits have been announced as well. We hope that such opportunities will have a positive impact on our fellow relatives, - said the vice-president of the “Fellow citizens fund” Magauiya Sarbasov.

A chairman of the Republican Public Association "Asar" Kairat Bodaukhan noted that the issue of rural areas has been raised in the Address.

- I visited the regions of North Kazakhstan. A main issue raised by the President is the construction of land and houses. I think it is necessary to develop a special program for the citizens who are exploring this field and “Fellow citizens fund”, and for the displaced villages. Immigrants have the ability to farm. Our fellow relatives support the initiative to support agriculture in the President's Address. There is a shortage of specialists in the North Kazakhstan region during the autumn and spring harvests. I hope that this deficit will be filled by our brothers and sisters who have returned to their homeland, - said Kairat Bodaukhan.

Kazipa Mukhametkali, a member of the Eurasian Union of Designers, an entrepreneur and ethno-designer, noted that the focus is on developing entrepreneurship, including handicrafts.

- The President said that many measures will be taken to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. For my part, I do my best to implement the projects in the field of handicrafts and share my knowledge with others. According to the modern requirements, we conduct all classes online. If a person learns this profession and rounds up his business tomorrow, it would be even brighter. It is satisfying and guarantying thing that such entrepreneurs will be fully supported, - said Kazipa Mukhametkali.

The round table has also discussed the tasks of the " Fellow citizens fund" in the promotion and implementation of the President's Address to the People of Kazakhstan, and discussed the topical issues of fellow relatives in the country and the Kazakh diaspora abroad.