Repatriates Assembly

Opportunities for the repatriates to study in Kazakhstan

18.01.2021 314

Preparatory department

In 2011, the special preparatory departments were established at the universities to prepare ethnic Kazakh youth for higher education by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science №554.

Training period: From October to May

Application deadline: From the 5th of August 5 to the 5th of September.

The rules for submitting the documents have been changed to “Online” format. It will be published in full version on the website

An exam is passed in the Kazakh language and mathematics.

There is no cut-off score, the total number of points is 40 (the applicants below 40 points will be accepted until the full grant is disbursed).

Upon completion of the preparatory part, students will take part in the Unified National Testing. (A work is underway to change the format of the UNT)

Time of UNT: from the 20th of June to the 5th of July

Testing is taken on paper in 5 subjects (3 compulsory and 2 specialized).

Number of test tasks is 120.

The maximum score is 140.

This year, for the first time, the UNT was held in an “Online” format for the compatriots left across the border at the suggestion of the “Otandastar Fund” JSC for the first time.

The main requirements for the applicant: the test participant enters the platform with his one-time password and passes the test. The applicant's monitor is monitored and recorded on a separate video with the full test time and must be sent with the test answers. A detailed information on the Appendix №2.

In general, a 4% quota of the Republican grant is given to compatriots.

In case of non-participation in the UNT and obtaining a cut-off score, students have the right to take a creative exam, keeping the score of 3 compulsory subjects.

The creative areas: art, drawing, physical education, journalism.

The compatriots can participate in the grant competition by adding the score of creativity to the score of 3 mandatory subjects.

If it is not possible to enter the university, our compatriots can apply to the colleges.

In general, a 4% quota of the Republican grants is provided to the compatriots.

The applications for the admission to colleges are accepted from the 20th of June to the 25th of August.

The exam consists of two compulsory subjects (Kazakh or Russian language, history of Kazakhstan) and 2 field-oriented subjects.

The “Abay Kunanbayuly” grant.

Nazarbayev University has provided a special grant “Abay Kunanbayev” to the foreign applicants.

It is awarded to the applicants who successfully pass all stages of selection and are recommended for the admission by the Admissions Committee and reimburse tuition, health insurance and monthly scholarships.

The foreign candidates are nominated for the Year of Preparation for Master's Programs (NUZYP) will also be considered for the “Abay Kunanbayev” grant.