Repatriates Assembly

“Fellow citizens fund” and the “National Translation Bureau” signed a memorandum of cooperation

08.10.2020 273

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the “Fellow citizens fund” NJSC and the “National Translation Bureau”.

The purpose of this Memorandum is to provide the support to ethnic Kazakhs, as well as the fellow citizens who are living abroad in the field of culture, business, youth, mass media.

Thus, in order to replenish the library of the “Fellow citizens fund”, it is planned to sell encyclopedic reference books, translations, literary books for the non-refundable use.

Therefore, a cooperation in translating, publishing and promoting collections of modern fiction and scientific literature in Kazakh language, providing a support for the development and promotion of Kazakh applied arts, the educational activities through social services for the compatriots, the support for the interpretation, translation from foreign languages are provided within the framework of cooperation between two organizations.