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Chingiz Akatayev has been elected as the new speaker of Tomsk Duma

19.10.2020 294

The first official meeting of the new deputies was held in Tomsk Duma on Tuesday, October 6. There has been the election of a new chairman and deputy chairman of the city parliament on the agenda.

There were four candidates for the post of chairman. They are deputies Yuri Voroshilin, Ksenia Fadeeva, Chingiz Akatayev, Vasily Eremin. The number of deputies in the City Duma equals to 37.

As a result of voting by secret ballot, the votes of 37 deputies were distributed as follows:

Yuri Voroshilin-2

Ksenia Fadeeva-15

Chingiz Akatayev-20

Vasily Eremin-0

Therefore, according to the Duma's counting commission, Chingiz Akatayev has been elected as the new chairman of Tomsk Duma.

"I would like to thank all those who voted for my candidacy. <...> The city is a great social and economic mechanism, where people have a lot of problems, so they expect a real solution from us. Our task is to improve the lives of city residents along with the Tomsk administration. "I want the chairman to be a coordinator and an interaction. In five years, I want all 37 deputies to be able to say that we have done a lot and we are not ashamed of our work", Akatayev said.

Let us remind you that Chingiz Akatayev was previously the Deputy Governor for the Social Policy (2012-2017) and registered as an individual entrepreneur.

From the early 90s, Akatayev (after graduating from university) had worked in the banking system of Tomsk region. He went from a marketing specialist to a branch manager, vice-president of the Bank for the Reconstruction and Development of Moscow. He was a deputy of the III convocation of the State Duma, as well as the IV and V convocations of the regional Duma.

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