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A Kazakh girl became the deputy mayor of France

23.09.2020 268

A Frenchman named Sabash won the election in Craig, near Paris, and became the deputy mayor.

Mahmut Sabash, Esim Sabash's father, shared the good news on his Facebook page. Mahmut Sabash is the president of the Association of Kazakhs in France. Esim Mahmutkyzy is a descendant of Kazakhs who left China in the late 1940s and arrived in Turkey. Today it was announced that he has been elected as the deputy mayor of the northern French city of Craig. Esim Makhmutkyzy was born in France, in 1991. She is a relative of the famous Zuka Batyr, who had fought for the freedom. Creil (French: Creil) is a city in northern France, located in the district of Sanlis, in the O de France region. According to the counting of 2014, the population was about 35 thousand. It should be noted that Zuka Batyr Sabituly is a person who protected the Kazakhs from various disasters of the troubled times, that were left in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.