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A Kazakh Cultural Center "Tomiris" celebrated its 8th Anniversary

22.09.2020 268

In 2012, the Kazakh Cultural Center "Tomiris" was opened in South Korea at the initiative of a group of volunteers who inspired a sense of pride and love for their homeland. Today marks the 8th anniversary of its unification of the Kazakh diaspora in South Korea.

Its leader is our fellow relative Nazgul Karabayeva. A main purpose of the Center, that operates abroad, is to promote Kazakh culture and language, national brands, traditions and customs among the local population, active participation in all events of the international community of Korea and other countries, the Kazakh and Korean peoples, as well as strengthening friendship between other diasporas living in South Korea, the creation of a network of business houses and cultural centers in other Korean cities (Pusan, Ansan, Daejeon and others) that can promote Kazakh culture. In addition, the plan is to promote Kazakhstani projects, conclude business contracts, find partners and attract the tourists. Therefore, a center performs at international festivals, concerts and Nauryz holidays in South Korea in order to strengthen the relations with international organizations. The center actively takes part in various competitions, organizes exhibitions, and works closely with students studying in Korea. Since 2012, HangukTamunaEsulde in Korea has been holding international festivals in cooperation with the Women's Society. Since 2015, the culture, history and traditions of the Kazakh people have been widely presented in Korean universities. In 2016, the center won the Yenyang San Award at the Korean Traditional Food Festival. It also won the “Chanre Sun” Award at the 2017 International Festival in the House of Representatives of Korea. In 2018, on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Korea, the center held an international festival along with the Mayor`s Office of Itewon. Thus, the Kazakh Cultural Center "Tomiris" is actively involved in holding international festivals to promote the culture of the historical homeland.