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The status of “Eternal Country” has been increased

03.09.2021 67

Despite the difficult situation with the global epidemic, the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that is gaining momentum in the vast Great Steppe, is being celebrated in accordance with the requirements of quarantine this year.

Due to the state of emergency, there is no doubt that this historic period is a very important milestone in the history of our country, that will increase the prestige of the state. 

This jubilee period, that exalts the status of “Eternal Country”, is a significant period that weighs, evaluates and analyzes the history of the state today and tomorrow. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account the past life of our country.

The centuries-old dream of our ancestors, who defended our great steppe with the strength of a white hand and the tip of a white spear, was to see the white dawn of freedom. Thank God, the happiness of seeing the dawn of independence at the turn of the millennium is inscribed on the foreheads of today's Kazakhstanis.

Independence has placed an endless burden of responsibility on us nationally, regionally and globally. We accept this great destiny and pass the test of history through our unique unity and successful life. Our people have established a strong foundation of independence and are determined to become an Eternal Nation. Therefore, there is no doubt that Independence Day is a great value and holiday not only for all Kazakhstanis, but also for our compatriots and repatriates from all over the world.

In the annals of each country, the destiny is chosen as the threshold of its new history. The dawn of a new era for us came on December 16, 1991. On the same day, a new star “Republic of Kazakhstan” appeared in the sky.

Our people, who have witnessed the entire epochs, have gone through many narrow and slippery roads. “If the sun is warm on the back, what's wrong with the arkhar?” By the way, many of our black-eyed Kazakhs scattered around, fled for the sake of the black and yellow children with the mountain of destiny. According to various sources, today there are 5 million people and 7 million people living on the other side of the border in every country of the world. When our country inherited from the former Soviet Union and declared its independence, the brothers who were longing for their homeland called the sacrificed sheep and repented to God. The warm rays of the dawn of Independence had melted the frost for many years and broke the ice.

In this regard, we should emphasize a great work of the prudent politician, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, who led our sovereign country to the risk of independence and brought it out of the stalemate during the turbulent period of the former Soviet Union.

As soon as Kazakhstan declared its independence as an independent state, the First President called on all Kazakhs living in different parts of the world to return to their historical homeland and unite under one roof.

It is known that at the same time, the President published a famous letter “Wishes to a distant brother”. The “World Association of Kazakhs” was established to revive the Kazakh movement, and the first Kurultai was held in Almaty from September 28 to October 3, 1992.

Speaking at the congress, Nursultan Nazarbayev said: “We have only one Motherland in the world, and that is independent Kazakhstan! We have a duty to tell the story of the independence of our homeland in order to increase its power, serve its welfare, extend its prestige in the international community, “Because every Kazakh is a Kazakh!” He moved the hearts of millions of people and gave them a proud spirit.

As a result, the longing for the homeland began to flow into the country. It is no exaggeration to say that the compatriots who came to the settlement of the ancient ancestors brought with them some of the lost Kazakh traditions and customs, as well as ancient words that have begun to be forgotten. Many famous people, who were born abroad and gained independence with our country, glorify our country today, while the stars of art and the stars of the stage make the Kazakh name known to the whole world. And, the businessmen and entrepreneur compatriots are serving for the people now.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Great Street of our compatriots, inspired by the spirit of independence. At the request of the President, the number of compatriots who have reunited with their big home – Kazakhstan has grown to more than 1.1 million.

“Be a sultan in your own country until you become a sultan in another country!” Nowadays, the brothers, who were faithful to the legacy of their ancestors and made a name for their homeland, make a significant contribution to the rapid development of Kazakhstan.

In this regard, it is worth noting that during the global epidemic and the threat to humanity, not only our compatriots abroad, but also the Kazakh people have shown the kindness and compassion since last year. They sent several aid convoys loaded with medical equipment, supplies and respirators. We are grateful for the kindness of our distant brother. However, the global threat has not dissipated yet.

It is said that the sun will be heavy and better.

We hope that if the global situation improves and border restrictions are lifted, the situation will return to normal and we will be able to meet our compatriots face to face.

Now let's take a step back in our industry.

It is well known that on the initiative of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, a non-profit joint-stock company “Otandastar Fund” was established to support compatriots from near and far abroad and ethnic Kazakhs returning to their historical homeland at the V Congress of World Kazakhs.

The “Otandastar Fund”, that was launched in 2018, has always worked so closely with the World Association of Kazakhs in order to achieve a common goal.

The main activity of the Foundation is to provide real support in the cultural, educational and legal spheres to our repatriates abroad and the compatriots who immigrated to Kazakhstan.

Ultimately, caring for our compatriots on the other side of the border and our repatriates who have returned to their homeland, providing them with literary and cultural support and compassion, means making a significant contribution to the reviving national treasures of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh spirituality. In this regard, the “Otandastar Fund” perfectly fulfills the tasks assigned to the staff and gradually implements the planned projects within its capabilities.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, the “Otandastar Fund” for the Support of Compatriots Abroad has recently announced and held an international photo contest “Kazakhstan is in my heart!”. From June 1 to August 27 of this year, the 90 long-term candidates from 14 ethnic Kazakhs and other nationalities and compatriots who have returned to the country were registered in order to take part in the competition.

In particular, Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Karakalpakstan, Iran, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, China, Belgium, Finland and Kazakhstan. Specifically, 29 photos were received from Russia, 12 from Mongolia, 14 from Uzbekistan, 6 from Iran, 5 from Belarus, 1 from Lithuania, 3 from China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, 5 from Belgium, 2 from Finland and in general, 83 photo works were arrived at that time.

In the nominations: “Beautiful people” – 28; “My favorite land” – 31; The jury, that selected 24 works in the nomination “Life and Traditions”, gave a fair assessment and made a final decision on the prizes of the competition.

The demands and tastes of the best works, their true creations, creative pursuits and hard work have not gone unnoticed as well. All candidates who submitted their work with their own design were awarded by certificates for an active participation in the competition and all winners were awarded by special diplomas.

In general, the good intentions of all participants in the race to glorify the country and the land, nation and people, not to forget the historical roots, to preserve the national position, traditions and customs passed down from ancient to modern, from an ancestor to the child, are pleasing to the eye. In particular, he is not indifferent to the fact that he decorated the region where he grew up, filmed the country, region, mountains, meadows, and the steps in photography. However, there were many who were in the lead among the entrants, who longed for their homeland and tried to show their historical homeland. According to the decision of the jury, that made a fair assessment and did the right thing:

In the nomination "Beautiful people":

1st place Meruert Mitenbaeva (Navoi, Uzbekistan);

2nd place Guldauren Sailau (Mongolia);

3rd place Assel Galiyeva (Esil, Russia).

In the nomination “My favourite land”:

1st place Akzhan Ospan (Mongolia);

2nd place Zharkynbek Zhumadiluly (China);

3rd place Sana Eskeldi (Gorgan, Iran).

In the nomination “Life and customs”:

1st place Balzhan Rzakhmetova (Ushkuduk, Uzbekistan);

2nd place Mensulu Kiyakova (Orenburg, Russia);

3rd place Zheksenbay Kaiypuly (Mongolia).

The winners of special creative performances:

1. Victoria Melnikova (Almaty, Kazakhstan);

2. Elvira Iskakova (Minsk, Belarus);

3. Akmaral Qanat (Bayan-Ulgei, Mongolia);

4. The repatriates such as Gaukhar Alimkhanova (Finland) overtook the best among the best. Frankly speaking, most of the candidates who were successful in the competition and entered the top three, although not professionals and artists, showed a high level of taste as an amateur entrant. It is especially gratifying that he is interested in photography from different angles and tries to master the art of lunch.

The Chairman of the jury, the Vice President of the NJSC “Otandastar Fund”, Magauiya Sarbasov, expressed his gratitude to the ethnic Kazakh youth from near and far abroad, who took an active part in the competition. He said that the foundation will support the trips to holy the places in Kazakhstan. The company's press secretary Nurymzhan Zhumagaziev regularly reported on the progress of the international competition and provided information support through domestic media and social networks. In turn, the members of the jury, PR-manager of the media editorial office “Nur-Media”, Marzhan Kuandykova and a qualified specialist, professional photojournalist Amanzhol Mamaev wished success to the talented repatriates. “Letters of appreciation” were sent to the winners for sending the patriotic and true works that glorify a national spirit.

In fact, the main purpose of the international competition, that took place on the eve of the great holiday of our nation – Independence, was to support the Kazakh community abroad, to increase the enthusiasm and patriotism of our compatriots to the historical homeland – Kazakhstan. In addition, the main task of the competition is to cultivate the patriotism, love for the country, land and a true sense of respect for the historical homeland, greater interest in the history of the country, and the development of artistic and creative potential of the Kazakh community was an attraction to life.

In conclusion, we believe that this noble event, like a needle in a haystack, will help to take an innovative step towards the unification of the nation. At least, if a distant brother's heart is set on fire by patriotic feelings, then the contest is over.

Because “The sparks ignite flames!”

Aliya Abildinova

NJSC “Otandastar Fund”

Managing Director of the Department

of supporting the compatriots abroad