Repatriates Assembly

The festival “Holy Kazakh Nation” to be held in Kereku

12.10.2021 17

An international art festival “Holy Kazakh Nation” will start its work on October 14-15 in the Palace of Culture, named after Yestay in Pavlodar. The festival is attended by repatriates living abroad, as well as those who have not received their citizenship yet.

This year, a traditional annual festival will be held in the framework of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the “Otandastar Fund” and the World Association of Kazakhs.

The festival will feature traditional vocal singing, song contests, thermal contests, and the best works of craftsmen will be presented to the public. Besides our repatriates from different regions of the country, it is planned that forty artists from Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, China and Uzbekistan will take part in the festival.

Special attention will be paid to the creative skills of talented Kazakhs abroad in mastering handicrafts, rhetoric, songs and folk traditions, and their national products, souvenirs, poems and performance skills will be presented to the audience. It is also planned to promote the unity and patriotism of our compatriots widely, although they live in different countries.

The winners of the Grand Prix of the International Festival of Arts “Holy Kazakh Nation” will be awarded special badges, diplomas and valuable gifts. The ceremony of awarding the winners of the festival will be followed by a gala concert with the participation of famous artists.