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Our repatriates in Iran have celebrated Nauryz

25.03.2021 192

On March 22, the Abay Center in the General Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Gorgan (Iran) hosted a festive meeting dedicated to the Nauryz festival with the participation of activists of the local Kazakh diaspora, the researchers of culture, literature, history of Kazakhstan, and the Kazakh people and Iranian Kazakh artists.

Speaking at the meeting, the General Consul, Aitzhan Aidashev, congratulated the audience on Nauryz occasion and noted that this year`s Nauryz, which dates back to the centuries and became a large-scale national spiritual holiday, is celebrated due to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independent development.

A well-known translator Hadzhimukhamet Shatkam, the Doctors of Historical Sciences, Orazmukhamet Sarli and Bibihamide Mukhametniyazi, the writer Durdy Karimi, the leader of the Kazakh art group Mahsa Bikder and others have noted that it is highly valued among the Persians, and it has become a tradition to celebrate it every year.

During the meeting, the congratulatory letters and the letters of appreciation from the Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iran, and the General Consul in Gorgan were presented to those who contributed to the development of cultural relations between Kazakhstan and Iran last year.

At the end of the official part of the meeting, the General Consul of Kazakhstan took part in the events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan, A. Bokeikhanov, Zh. Zhabayev, D. Nurpeisova, M. Makatayev, K. Munaitpasov, and other prominent figures of Iranian culture, science, and society have expressed confidence in their active participation.

An event was followed by the festive table with national dishes like nauryz kozhe, baursak, kazy-karta, and the number of Kazakh national dishes. There was also a concert specially prepared by the local artists of the Kazakh diaspora. The kyuis “Korogly”, “Erke sylkym”, “Adai” were heard, and the Kazakh folk songs were sung there.