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Kazakh Cultural Center in Mongolia

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In 2005, the Mongolian branch of the World Association of Kazakhs was opened in Mongolia under the name of Kazakh Cultural Center. An issue of establishing a branch of the Association had been raised for the first time in 1997 by Mizamkhan Kuntuganuly, a former head of the administration. In 1991-1992, when the population began to move to Kazakhstan and foreigners were invited to the first congress of the world's Kazakhs, the issue of establishing an organization of relations with Kazakhstan had been raised by O. Habsattar and K. Akras for the first time.

On July 10, 2005, Mamashev T.A., the First Deputy Chairman of the WFC Presidium, visited Bayan-Ulgei, a densely populated Kazakh diaspora in Mongolia, and met with the representatives of diaspora. During the meeting, a branch of the association was established and Habsattar Omaruly was appointed for the senior position. In 2006, a branch office was opened for the Kazakhs living in Ulan Bator, where some of the Kazakhs in Mongolia live as well. A well-known scientist, Honored Doctor of Mongolia Asay Ramishuly has been appointed to head the branch of the association, that was founded in Ulan Bator.

Habsattar Omaruly and Asay Ramishuly stabilized the work of the association, held many events and worked there. This organization is well-known in the country and has established the stable ties with the Kazakh people for life and culture. Later, the Kazakh Diaspora opened the branches in Nalaikhan, Charyn Gol, Darkhan, Erdenet and Kobda. Sh.Arystan and Y.Ziba were appointed to the Kobda region, an entrepreneur and the deputy of the city, Z.Batyrbek was appointed to Nalaikhanda by the order of the Head of the Kazakh Diaspora in Mongolia.

Prior to the socio-political changes of 1990, the Kazakhs of Mongolia were actively engaged in comprehensive relations with the Kazakh people. For example, he sought the help of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all activities in the field of education, culture and art. At that time, 48% of the Kazakh-language press was delivered from Kazakhstan. Also, all the decorative equipment of the Kazakh National Theater in the region, spectator chairs, the main part of the book fund of the National Library were brought from Kazakhstan as well. Since 2005, the acquisition of books and textbooks has become a regular trend. A social change in the 1990s, since the independence of the Kazakh people, the relations of the Kazakhs of Mongolia with the homeland have reached a new level. The Mongolian branch of the Association conveyed to the local Kazakh diaspora the achievements of the Kazakh people, their way of life, the importance of Kazakh studies. It became a spiritual bridge between the two countries and organized the migration. They sent the talented Kazakh youth for the studies and helped them to stay and work in the homeland. The textbooks in Kazakh, national musical instruments, spiritual and material assistance were provided in the regions, where the Kazakh nation is concentrated. In honor of the 175th anniversary of the great poet Abai Kunanbayuly, the “Abai Center” was opened and it is the spiritual center of Kazakhs now. The works of Mongolian Kazakh poets and writers were published in Kazakhstan and became available to Kazakh readers.

Nowadays, any information related to Kazakhstan, migration, education, travel, business, citizenship and other work is carried out through the association. The Mongolian branch of the World Association of Kazakhs connects our compatriots with the historical homeland of Kazakhstan and serves the interests of the nation.


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Habsatar Omaruly, the Head of the Mongolian branch of WFC

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