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Information in native language is very necessary

26.08.2020 241

“Fellow citizens” fund has proposed to add one nomination to the national award "Urker" for the fellow journalists abroad. The proposal was sent as a special letter to the Ministry of Information and Social Development.

Since January 2020, a database of about 70 Kazakh media outlets in countries where “Fellow relatives” live abroad has been created as part of the "Services to support ethnic Kazakhs living abroad and in the Republic of Kazakhstan". It doesn't stop there, the database list is still being maintained. The number of media outlets also varies depending on the frequency of ethnic Kazakhs in the countries where the fellow citizens live and the domestic policy of each country.

There are 24 media outlets who mostly broadcast in Kazakh language in People's Republic of China (3 newspapers: «Xinjiang newspaper» (daily), «Ile newspaper» (daily), «Altai newspaper» (daily). 9 journals: “Shugyla” (once per month), “Xinjiang Social Science”, “Tarbagatai”, “Altai Ayasy”, “Mura”, “Ile Aydyny”, “Language and Translation”, “Literature of Nations”, “Kumyl Alkaby” (once per every two months), 2 autonomous district TV channels: XJTV-3, XJTV-8, 2 radios: Kazakh Radio Network of China, Golden Bridge Radio. 8 sites: Xinjiang Newspaper Site, People's Site, Kunlun Site, Tarbagatai Informational Website,, Tianshan Site, Agazhay-Altai Site, Ili informational Site). These media outlets are located in Altai, Tarbagatai, Ile and Urumqi, which are densely populated by Kazakhs. The list includes a wide range of major media outlets. In addition, there are Kazakh-language media outlets in other districts as well. In general, fellow relatives in China are very by Kazakh media outlets.

In Mongolia, there are 14 Kazakh-language media outlets. 4 newspapers: “Mongol Zaman” (published every two weeks), “Sharapat” (once per month), “Zhana Dauir” (once per month), “Bilim” (once per month), 4 magazines: “Shugyla”, "Beautiful stars", "Inabat", "Tarlan bow" (once per month). 3 regional private TV channels: "Derbes", "Sayan", "TV 4", 1 regional radio: Bayan-Ulgei Kazakh radio, 2 informational websites:, These media outlets are located in mostly populated cities by Kazakh: Bayan-Ulgei and Ulan-Batyr.

There are 8 Kazakh-language media outlets registered in Uzbekistan. (4 newspapers: "Nur Zhol" newspaper (twice per week), "Kenimeh Tany" newspaper (3 times per month), "Tamdy Sharuageri" newspaper (3 times per month), "Ushkuduk" newspaper (3 times per month). 1 magazine: "Ushkuduk Magazine" ("Ushkuduk" newspaper is published 3 times per year on New Year's, Nauryz, Independence Day). "Kazakh Radio" of the "National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan" (Broadcasts in Kazakh for 20 minutes from Monday to Thursday, at 22:00). «Didar» program, is a Kazakh-language broadcaster of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan (once in every two weeks, broadcasts in Kazakh for 15 minutes). Site 1: National News Agency of Uzbekistan http: // uza .uz / kz broadcasts daily information in Kazakh language). These media outlets are located in Tashkent, Kenimekh, Tamdy and Ushkuduk districts, which are densely populated by Kazakhs.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is a website, that disseminates information about the political, economic and religious position of the state in Kazakh language, 5 media outlets that disseminate information in Kazakh, and 1 media outlet that disseminates information in Persian and Russian languages. Personal pages of individuals disseminating information in Kazakh language on the territory of the country were investigated due to the restrictions in Iran. 2 Kazakh-language blogs in Iran, and Persian-language information about Kazakhstan and two Instagram pages, kaz_iran, shadkam.jafar, that have been running by our fellow relatives on social networks have been identified as well. Despite various restrictions, our fellow relatives who live far away, try to communicate with each other through the capabilities of social networks and they do not forget our traditions and language. “Fellow citizens” fund continues to create a database of Kazakh-language media outlets in Russia, the United States, Turkey, Ukraine, the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries where our fellow relatives live. As a result of this work, it is planned to create an association of Kazakh-language media abroad ATAJURT (conditional name) along with “Fellow citizens” fund and "KazInform" IIA. Its main purpose is to coordinate the partnership between the members of Kazakhstani and international media (exchange of information and analytical materials, exchange of experience, joint conferences, seminars, trainings). A State support for the Kazakh-language media abroad (an assistance in providing new information technologies, material and financial support, the introduction of the nomination "Best Journalist of the “Kazakh-language media abroad" in the awards and competitions for the media in Kazakhstan), an association analysis of current issues and achievements of fellow relatives in the world through member media (an attention to the problems of the country of residence, analysis of proposals related to migration legislation in Kazakhstan, aimed at supporting fellow relatives, a widespread presentation of fellow relatives who have achieved significant success around the world), a comprehensive publication of the best media materials of the association in the country's media, websites and social networks (an information, articles, TV products, documentaries, photos), holding the regular plenary meetings of the association at the forum of fellow citizens and congresses of fellow relatives (a discussion of the topical issues of Kazakh-language media abroad, heating of joint projects, analysis of plans and tasks). Through this association, our fellow relatives abroad have the opportunity to fully communicate the achievements and innovations of our independent country. ATAJURT, an association of Kazakh-language media abroad, will also work as part of the “Fellow citizens” fund and Kazakh House and Culture Business Project "Abai Uii".

All Kazakh-language media outlets abroad are still published at the expense of fellow relatives. They ask for a financial assistance from Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Information and Social Development has provided a financial assistance to these media through the state language support programs implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the image information projects and "Services to support foreign and ethnic Kazakhs arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan" program implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kazakh-language media abroad are not asking for full funding for their work, but only for one-time financial assistance per year. Therefore, such assistance can be provided not to everyone at once, but gradually over the years. It is also proposed to consider the allocation of grants from the above three ministries to support non-governmental organizations.

Due to the financial difficulties, the circulation of Kazakh-language newspapers and magazines abroad has decreased, and some of them are located on the verge of closing. A number of Kazakh-language broadcasts on TV and radio has also decreased. There are proposals to consider mechanisms to support Kazakh-language media abroad on the basis of documents aimed at expanding bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and neighboring countries where our fellow relatives live, and the documents signed within the framework of interstate agreements through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Information and Social Development and Nur Otan Party.

Yerkin BAIGABYLULY, an official representative of “Fellow citizens” fund NJSC