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Farms in Uzbekistan

02.07.2021 171

In June this year, a press tour was held in Ushkuduk district of Navoi region of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the activities of farms specializing at animal husbandry in the region, the practical results of reforms in the socio-economic development of the region. An event was attended by representatives of the press and media, journalists, bloggers, as well as the journalists of the Republican TV program “Didar” and the newspaper “Nurly Zhol”.

Concrete production area

There are many ethnic Kazakhs, more creative works, projects, new buildings, residential complexes and shopping centers everywhere in the territory of Ushkuduk. A construction of any building requires the use of heavy structures that can withstand the effects of time or environmental factors. The reinforced concrete products are one of the most important types of production in this construction.

During the press tour, the journalists got acquainted with the work processes of the “Uchkuduk Nur-Bakht” Limited Liability Company that produces the reinforced, concrete and marble products. The factory, that has not been operating for 20 years, is given to “Uchkuduk Nur-Bakht” Limited Liability Company on the condition of investment in the amount of $ 3.5 billion suma at zero cost.

- Nowadays, the businessman Akhan Burkhanov has invested 5 billion tenge for the project, mobilized investments and launched the production of reinforced concrete products for the construction. The 22 high-rise buildings are under the construction in the district center, 11 of which are planned to be commissioned this year. From this, we can see that the demand for the reinforced concrete products, produced by the company, is high. Today, the factory produces the high-quality reinforced concrete products in various sizes from 2 meters to 11 meters. It also makes various marble products. There are 50 employed people at the factory.

Desert ships are being bred

Participants of the press tour visited the farm “Uchkuduk - Baraka service” to get acquainted with the peculiarities of camel care, daily work of farm workers. In 2018, the farm “Uchkuduk-Baraka Service” was transformed into a diversified farm. The farm is also engaged in camel, sheep breeding, fattening and trade. Currently, the farm has 40 camels, 1,000 sheep and 30 head of cattle. It is known that camels are milked 3 times per day: in the morning, afternoon and evening. In the morning, we went to the “Aitym” pasture in order to witness the early milking process. We were welcomed by the farm workers warmly and taken to the camel milking parlor. The farm workers washed the camel's udder with clean water and then, they started milking.

- Abu Ali ibn Sina spoke about healing the properties of camel's milk in his book “Laws of Medicine”, noting that it contains three times more vitamins compared to cow's milk. The words of Ibn Sina have been made into the truth. Camel's milk cures thousands of diseases. I learned a lot from the stories of people who came here, - says the farmer F. Mardanov. Yes, camel's milk and hair is used for healing. Therefore, there is a great demand for camel`s milk and wool in the market. The head of the farm plans to increase the number of camels to 150 in the future. These farms can become a center for attracting the tourists to ecological sites in Ushkuduk. At present, more than 10 new jobs have been created at “Uchkuduk-Baraka Service”.

Useful information about goat's milk

The next direction of the press tour was a flock of sheep and goats belonging to the farm “Temurbek Fayz”. 2000 heads of sheep and goats, and 200 heads of cattle are grazed here.

- Goat's milk has many healing properties, - says the head of the farm Feruz Juraev. - One of the main biological properties of this animal is that it adapts to any climate quickly. It does not choose food. There can be an obesity in a short time. Their offspring finishes much earlier than other animals. This is very useful for adapting to climate change, for example, it does not require special care and nutrition during the hot days or early cold weather. «Temirbek Fayz» farm is engaged in sheep breeding, goat breeding, fishing, poultry breeding as well as cattle fattening. The feed complex currently has 77 head of cattle imported from the Russian Federation. More than 30 liters of milk are milked daily from each of the pedigree cows. The product is sold on the domestic market. The farmer Feruz Juraev plans to import 2,000 sheep and 45 pedigree cows from Russia, as well as milk and dairy products.

At the sewing shop “Qyz Jasau”

It is no coincidence that there is a special attention paid to women's entrepreneurship and job creation in our country today. The next destination of the press tour was Mynbulak village. The products of the sewing shop “Qyz jasau”, near the village, aroused great interest among journalists.

The workshop, founded by Kazakh girl Rima Abdikarimova, mainly sews the Kazakh national handicrafts. The blankets, socks and various clothes are made to order from camel`s wool.

Our attention was drawn to the bride's dress, bridal gowns, portions, sewn and knitted items as part of the bouquet.

According to aunty Rima, the work of the girls is well received by the residents of the district, and even the orders come from neighboring Kazakhstan.

- Our products are an integral part of the values ​​of our Kazakh people and we attach a great importance to teaching and promoting our rich cultural heritage among young people, - says the head of the sewing shop “Qyz Jasau” Rima Abdikarimova.

“Also, my seamstresses try to enrich our national products with modern ornaments. It should be noted that this sewing workshop is aimed at increasing the social activity of rural women, realizing their abilities and capabilities. Also, employment is important, because it helps to earn money". 

A program that combines the Kazakh national traditions at the villages “Mynbulak” and “Kulkuduk” was shown for the participants of the press tour. The theatrical program showed the daily life, culture, customs and traditions of the villagers, and Kazakh hospitality as well.


Raikhan Kadyrova,


Navoi region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.