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Advisers of the President visited a remote district where Kazakhs live

12.05.2021 210

Kenimeh district of Navoi region is a multinational district. The citizens of 15 villages of the town, as well as Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Uzbeks, about 20 ethnic groups live under the banner of peace, harmony and consentience. Out of 37 schools in the district, 28 teach in Kazakh, 3 in Karakalpak, 2 in Russian and 4 in Uzbek. About 38 thousand people follow the traditions of Kazakh people and they are involved in the animal husbandry.

The pastures (Karakata, Madeniet, Saryzhal, Zhanakazgan, Baimurat, Ushtobe, Koshers, Sorkol regions), as well as the cattle, camels and horses are developed in rural areas. About 600,000 large and small animals are raised by more than 250 farms and make a significant contribution to the economic and social development of the district.

There are many young people who contribute to the rapid development of Kenimekh district. Nowadays, there are 18,920 people under the age of 30 are active in Kenimekh district. It is well known that after the announcement of 2021 in the Republic of Uzbekistan as the “Year of Youth Support and Health Promotion”, the state has done a lot of work to improve the quality of life in remote areas. In order to fulfill the set tasks effectively, the state program of the district and a special road map were developed at the beginning of the year, and the youth policy has been implemented in practice.

The festival was held on May 7, at the district center of the “Youth Square”, in strict compliance with the rules of quarantine.

During the festival, the director of the Agency for Youth Affairs from the Republic A. Sadullayev, adviser to the President on the Youth Affairs K. Kuranbayev and the head of “ARGOS” company O. Hassanov took part there. The trust and attention shown to any age can change its purpose and life. Especially young people living in remote villages feel the need for it. As part of the festival, the members of the Republican working group visited the yurt, that reflects the traditions of the Kazakh people, watched the exhibitions of traditional national traditions, stage performances, were active in sports competitions and marathons as well. During the event, a number of household appliances for the self-employment were distributed to 110 unemployed young men and women included in the “Youth Book”. Now, they will be able to earn a living by welding, sewing and baking confectionery.

The most favorable conditions were created for young people looking for a “Two-handed shovel”, and commercial banks provided soft loans for the small livestock, bees and chickens, turkeys, intensive fish farming in collectors, special ponds in the village. In addition, the special certificates were given for about 200 women in order to learn the basics of entrepreneurship for unemployed women included in the “Women's Notebook”. She received a scholarship to study sewing and received the opportunity to study.

In Russia and Kazakhstan, the state support will be provided for the implementation of new business projects of young people earning a living as employees. The republican working group also noted that a number of measures have been taken to develop the sports clubs for young people. The leaders saw an opportunity for a newly opened fitness club in the area. An event was followed by a concert program.

Guldana Narynbetova,

Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kenimeh morning”

Navoi region

Republic of Uzbekistan