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“Abai and Al-Farabi” cultural center in Iran

09.06.2021 156

Iranian Kazakhs mostly live in Gulstan region. An actual number is about 6-7 thousand. Nevertheless, our talented young people issue a fame for themselves at the republican level in the field of education, sports and art. For example, our masters of leather gloves play at the national boxing team of Iran. Kazakhs are accumulated in the cities of Gorgan, Bender Turkmen and Gunbad. Kazakhs do not have an officially registered society. Recently, the “Abai and Al-Farabi” cultural center have been opened at the General Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Gorgan.

Meetings are being held at this General Consulate until a permanent address will be provided here. Kazakhs have close relations with the General Consulate. The General Consul Aitzhan Aidashev brings Kazakh activists together in order to discuss various issues and take care of various cultural events. Recently, a cultural evening of Kazakhstan and Iran has been held for the first time in Gorgan. By the decision of the leaders of the two countries, the event will be held annually in Mangistau and Gulstan regions as part of the cultural week. This year, we have celebrated “Nauryz” at the cultural center “Abai and Al-Farabi” for the first time. Iranian Kazakhs are very interested in learning their native language, especially young people. Children and their parents take part in online lessons in the Kazakh language.

Communication with “Otandastar Fund” NJSC and the Fund is at the high level. Our compatriots get information about the admission of students to the universities and participation in various competitions and they participate in those competitions. Askar Kazakh is the technical supervisor of the Kazakh language lesson for our compatriots. He translates the necessary information about various cultural events into Persian language in a timely manner. Ms.Shahire Kazakh from Bender, Turkmenistan, is a member of the youth club “Young Kazakh” under the “Otandastar Fund”. There are many participants of online dombra lessons in Atyrau. Our sister Mahsa Bektur, who founded the art group “Bolashak”, that teaches dombra in Iran, also contributes to the promotion and development of the Kazakh national art.

Jafar Shadkam, a veteran Kazakh journalist in Iran,

Member of the World Association of Kazakhs.