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A traditional competition where dombra players are glorified

24.02.2021 126

From the sound of the Kazakh black dombra – sandy kyui, the art of singing and chanting has been passed down from generation to the generation and has become a spiritual treasure for our nation. A language of the dombra reveals our noble traditions to the world.

On February 21, about 400 young dombra players from the fifteen villages of Tamdy district took part in the competition “Artistic dombra player youth” in the district House of Culture. The competition tested the art of kyui and singing, the art of playing the dombra, inherited from the ancestors. The contestants sang Kazakh songs to the accompaniment of the orchestra. The competition strengthened the creativity of talented young people and taught the younger generation to respect a national instrument. The purpose of the art competition is to promote the performance of Kazakh national instruments, the art of singing and musicality among the rural youth, to find young talents and talented performers, to improve the professional skills of talented artists.

A competition, that is being held for the sixth time this year, is aimed at identifying talented performers and promoting the original culture of our people, the culture of traditional patter, narrator and orchestral music to the younger generation. A competition was organized by the local administration of Tamdy district, the department of culture, the department of public education of the district, the regional Agency for Youth Affairs and the branch of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan in Tamdy district. One of the organizers of the traditional competition, Nurlan Beknazarov, was one of the organizers who contributed to the success of the competition. In 2015-2016, he was the Head of the Youth Union, organized a competition of talented youth for the department of public education and cultural workers of the district, and initiated the promotion of our national art to the younger generation. This proposal was appreciated by the collective and supported by cultural workers and students of rural schools. Today, the competition is an annual art competition that spectators and enthusiastic young people are looking forward to, and the conditions for the participation are becoming more complex and changing every year. In addition to the dombra, children play national instruments such as sazsyrnay, kobyz, bayan, and shildyrmak.

Art competition involving young people

According to the requirements of the competition, the young players of the dombra perform the group songs performed by the orchestra, national dances, group choirs, songs on national folklore.

The participants performed the works by Kurmangazy, Dauletkerey, Abyl, Tattimbet, Makhambet, Dina, Sugir, Kazangap, who inspired the world of Kazakh history, and the works of the composer Tauelbay were presented to the audience.

The judges like the Deputy of the Head of local administration of Tamdy district, Nurlan Beknazarov, Head of the department of public education of Tamdy district Mels Bazarbayev, Head of the department of culture Zhuldyz Utemuratova and narrator from Tamdy Zhalgas Zhusipov, a retired singer-composer Napisa Balabayev, Head of the department of culture of Ushkuduk Zhani Alpamysov gave a worthy assessment for the talented children.

According to the results of the competition, the third place was taken by school №21 located in Konetamdy and school №9 of Keregetau village, the second place was taken by Tamdybulak rural school №1 and school №18 of Rakhat village, the orchestra group of school №7 from Zhanasharua residential place took the first place. The talented dombra players from school №13 from Zhyryk village were awarded the “Grand Prix”. The performance skills, the artistic level of the music performed by the orchestra, the stage culture and national costumes, as well as the talent, stood out from the crowd in the competition.

A student can achieve more than teacher

Maksat Kalbayev is a great teacher who teaches dombra and kyui to students of Zhyryk village. Maksat was born in 1988 in Tamdy district. At the age of two, his uncle Aldiyar Dosmuratov played the dombra and his love for the national art has been awaken as well. He learned to play the kyuis of Mailykozha, Kurmankazy, Yestay, and sang about 100 songs of the poet. In 2012, he was employed as a children's teacher and music teacher in school №13. Maksat Galiuly, who has been raising children for the dombra competition since 2016 and formed the group “Ukili dombra”, also plays the accordion too. He taught the children of the village to play the dombra and appreciated the spark in each child's eyes and interest in art. Erlan Rabayev, the headmaster of the school, is helping to provide the children with national costumes.

Today, a moral teacher Maksat Galiuly has more than a hundred talented students. His students are studying at Navoi State Pedagogical Institute. A young narrator was awarded the “Shukhrat” medal by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 27, 2020.

In 2016-2019, the group of talented students “Ukili dombra” won the first and second places in art competitions and were sent to the regional and national competitions.

Talented dombra players were awarded

A contest, that took place throughout the day in the village of Tamdybulak, was revived like yesterday and today. The song contest, that developed the creative enthusiasm of each participant, lays the foundation for the future development of rural children as talented musicians, composers, talented dancers, talented people. An award ceremony was followed by the gala concert, where the winners were awarded by diplomas and valuable gifts.

Guldana Narynbetova,

Republic of Uzbekistan

A regional correspondent of “Nurly Zhol” newspaper in Navoi region.