How to clean earphones properly?

How to clean earphones properly?
05.02.2017 15:43 4338

Can you remember when you cleaned your earphones last time? Today we are going to tell our readers about the importance of cleaning earphones from dust and mud. It is known that we use this accessory at work, on the way, at home. That is why we often need to clean them.   

Earphones can transfer different harmful bacteria. Eventually we can get infection into our ears. For instance, the inflammation of parotid glands and other glandular organs with quick communicable disease parotitis. In this case, even though, there is not often mortality, it is dangerous because it can cause diseases like infertility, deafness, diabetes, pancreatitis and etc. Therefore, earphones are personal hygiene items. Try not to give them even to your colleagues, friends or close people.     

You need a soft cloth and soup to clean earphones. After that you can wipe with hydrogen dioxide. If there is mud into the tips of the earphones, an old toothbrush will be useful. Water must not get into earphones. It is better to disconnect form the device. If they are wet, there is a risk of fire. The technology is not reliable. 

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