How to celebrate 8 March in Astana

El.kz editorial board picked up the best options for men how to spend an unforgettable 8 March and congratulate women on their holiday.
How to celebrate 8 March in Astana
06.03.2017 21:22 4339

“That holiday of 8 March” - sigh men of the country. The women’s day has not come yet into our houses, as men have been already counting zeros at the end of the account: how much will women’s happiness cost them now? Beauties of all over the world announce that today active holidays are in the trend. El.kz editorial board picked up the best options for men how to spend an unforgettable 8 March and congratulate women on their holiday.


Morning coffee in bed, tender pancakes, a hearty salad to the accompaniment of the beloved person’s warm embrace.. even the most inexperienced nun will be unable to resist all this. And for couples, a good option for morning tea will be a joint breakfast: the husband makes fried eggs, the children lay the table and the wife is the hero of the occasion – with a smile, correcting some misses and gets well-deserved congratulations.


After a hearty breakfast take the time to go to the city with your family or with the beloved person. For example, every year in Astana in honor of 8 March there is the spring fairground.

This year Astana residents can visit the Expo grounds in two places at once. The fairground “Presents for 8 March” will be from 10:00 to 20:00 at the “Congress hall”. Here you can buy flowers, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, gifts, clothes and others. Another meeting place for demonstrators and visitors will be the exhibition of goods and services for children and parents Mamas Expo, “Mom, I love you!”, to be held on 8 March in the Astana Mall shopping center. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase toys, adult and children’s clothes, goods for pregnant women. Also the master classes in numerology, hairstyles and make-up, healthy diet and yoga.

Interested in beauty of the goods, even if you do not buy anything, your companion and you will be satisfied with hours spent together. And after the fairground it is time for lunch in a nice restaurant, for example, at the coffee shop dear men can spoil their women with delicious pastries and aromatic coffee.


A great way to finish your special day is a dinner in one of the nightlife places of the capital, where you can find beautiful blend of romance, soft music and light, but delicious dinner.

For those persons who expect fun and dancing from a festive evening, then a good choice would be a karaoke place, whose administrators are preparing shows and competitions for guests.

Outdoor enthusiasts can envision the day differently. For them we offer to leave the urban bustle for a while with whole family or with friends, to go to the countryside and take in the atmosphere of infinity and spaciousness.

Such a family atmosphere you will get in rest areas, located near Astana, where you can find both, hotel rooms and private cabins, saunas, restaurants and banquet halls. In some health centers rental sleds, scooters and skis are provided in the winter.

In short, on 8 March any female whim will not remain without attention. But as you know, for any woman the chief highlight of any event is always the second half. So, dear men, do not skimp on the compliments on this day: be sure, gratitude will not keep you waiting!

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