Head of State receives Chairman of Financial Monitoring Agency

Head of State receives Chairman of  Financial Monitoring Agency
Фото: Akorda 28.02.2024 18:20 949

The Head of State received Chairman of the Financial Monitoring Agency Dmitry Malakhov, El.kz reports citing Akorda.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev heard a report by Dmitry Malakhov, Chairman of the Financial Monitoring Agency, on the results of activities for 2023 and plans for the coming period.

The President was informed that business relations with more than 5,700 clients have been terminated in the field of combating money laundering. Over 1.5 thousand illegal online cryptocurrency exchange services have been detected and blocked. 49 illegal miners have been identified. 1,200 attempts to transfer funds to the accounts of terrorist and extremist organizations were identified and blocked. 41 financial pyramids were eliminated. More than 8,000 websites and accounts with signs of fraudulent activities have been blocked, and access to 4,800 online casino sites has been blocked.

Together with second-tier banks and financial regulators, a mechanism is being introduced to automatically block payments to bookmakers by persons under the age of 21.

Dmitry Malakhov also reported that unreasonable budget expenditures of 74 billion tenge were prevented, the activities of 59 shadow platforms for criminal cashing were suppressed, , assets worth 276 billion tenge were returned as part of the combat against illegal withdrawal of capital.

In the coming period, the work of the FMA  will be focused on the return of illegally withdrawn assets and the prevention of crimes in the field of the shadow economy.

The Agency is set to take measures to implement the Concept for the Development of Financial Monitoring and the Comprehensive Plan to Combat the Shadow Economy, as well as to achieve full compliance of the anti-money laundering system with the international standards of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The President instructed to continue work in key areas of the Agency's activities, emphasizing the need to strengthen measures to protect fair business.

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