Head of MDDIAI presents project "Digital Map of Telecommunications"

Head of MDDIAI presents project "Digital Map of Telecommunications"
Фото: MDDIAI 21.06.2024 10:57 618

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry held a press briefing on the activities of the department, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the department.

The head of the Ministry of Digital Development outlined the main purpose of the meeting and explained the latest news of the ministry.

The other day, at a government meeting, the Ministry presented the Digital Map of Telecommunications https://digitalmap.gov.kz/, which will contain information on the operators' plans to provide high-quality communication to all settlements in Kazakhstan.

The Digital Map will become a tool for public monitoring and control of communication quality problems in cities and villages.

Each citizen will be able to see all the existing problems with the quality of communication in settlements, as well as give their own assessment of the quality of communication in any location.

The Digital Telecommunications Map will also include information on plans to bring the Internet to settlements provided for in the National Project "Affordable Internet" and Roadmaps signed between local executive bodies, the Ministry and telecom operators. This map has been launched in pilot mode and the functionality will be supplemented," said Zhaslan Madiyev.

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