"Football Field of Opportunities" appeared in Almaty region

"Football Field of Opportunities" appeared in Almaty region
Фото: Yerkinbayev Yerlen 26.02.2024 11:17 3600

An unusual installation has appeared in the Almaty region - this is a large field on which 1000 soccer balls are laid.

The installation is called "Football Field of Opportunities". Its authors are the children's non-profit project Supernovas, which organizes free training in small towns and villages where children do not have the opportunity to play sports with an experienced coach, El.kz reports.

The field of 1000 balls is designed to overcome this injustice, draw attention to children's football and prove that it is possible to implement ideas in Kazakhstan.

"The football field of opportunity is a place where borders disappear and new horizons open up.

This is a chance to look at the familiar in a new way and prove that creative ideas can be realised even in a snowy field.

We are Supernovas, a non-profit football project that provides children from small towns and villages with equal access to sports. Our venues are a safe territory where it is not the result that matters, but the process itself.

Here, we aim to go beyond the traditional approach and show that the basis of football's strength is diversity and equality.

Support the Supernovas project by sharing this video and learn more about us on supernovas.indrive.com," reads the description of the video.

Supernovas is an international initiative from InDrive, which has opened 9 sections throughout Kazakhstan since 2022. The project team creates a friendly and supportive community where every child has the opportunity to unleash their potential. At the same time, the main values of Supernovas always remain: safety, openness, positivity, personal growth, responsibility and team spirit.

"At Supernovas, children always come first. We encourage their endeavors, develop their talents and build their self-confidence. For our team, all children are stars, and we are proud of each of their achievements. Our coaches are not just instructors, they are mentors who are ready to share not only the technique of the game, but also life guidelines. We take a responsible approach to the training of the coaching staff, providing them with a variety of resources and assistance from methodologists and psychologists," Supernovas said.

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