First Vice Minister of Education meets with representatives of Michigan State University

First Vice Minister of Education meets with representatives of Michigan State University
Фото: gov.kz 28.02.2024 09:47 961

First Vice Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Natalia Zhumadildayeva held a meeting with representatives of the University of Michigan. The parties discussed the training of teachers of preschool, secondary, inclusive education and their role in working with children, El.kz reports with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Michigan State University is in the top 10 universities of the United States in the subject ranking in education and engineering. It is recognized as one of the best in training teachers and leaders in education.

"Priority attention in the education system is given to the training of highly qualified teachers and the strengthening of management. Since last year, on behalf of the Head of State, the country has been implementing a project for the selection and training of professional leaders "1000 Leaders of Change in Education".

It includes 208 candidates, some of whom have been appointed to senior positions. Such meetings contribute to the development of educational systems and the training of personnel that meet the requirements of the modern labor market," the First Vice Minister said.

A delegation from Michigan shared their projects and research in the field of education. These projects include the development of innovative educational programs and the creation of partnerships between educational institutions and teachers.

Both sides expressed their readiness to interact and exchange experience for the growth of teachers, as well as the development and implementation of innovative educational programs in Kazakhstan.

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