Festival of national clothes organized in Almaty

Festival of national clothes organized in Almaty
Фото: gov.kz 19.03.2024 12:35 1393

As part of the decade dedicated to the Nauryz holiday, a festival of national clothes was held at the Zhambyl Kazakh State Academic Philharmonic, El.kz reports with reference to the Akimat of Almaty.

The event aimed to popularize national clothes and encourage designers working in this direction.

Among the participants are honored figures and young talents. Designers presented unique collections, combining tradition with modernity. The evening opened with the collection of "Almaty Grandmothers", who took part in fashion shows in Italy and delighted the world with national images.

The "Sapura" collection of students of the College of Fashion and Design showed the value of the national heritage, and "Ai Kyz" highlighted the style of oriental girls.

Particular attention was paid to the works of young designers inspired by new ideas. The festival gave everyone a festive mood, inspiring young designers and emphasizing the richness of cultural heritage.

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